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Our Team Now Offers Translation Services for Yue Chinese

China is a linguistically diverse country, even though many people may believe that the entire nation only speaks Chinese. In reality, not only are a number of non-Chinese minority languages spoken across the country, but Chinese itself is a collection of various Sinitic languages that are mutually unintelligible. It’s true that Mandarin, the biggest Chinese language, is spoken by the majority of the country, but people from all across China speak different native languages. Yue Chinese is a grouping of Chinese languages that represents a large number of these speakers.

Yue Chinese boasts quite a few speakers—estimates put the figure at around 84 million—with by far the biggest and most prominent language of the subfamily being Cantonese. But Cantonese is certainly not the only one—Yue consists of numerous closely related Chinese languages. Most are threatened by the widespread use and government promotion of Mandarin, making them endangered. And endangered languages are not typically covered by translation agencies—after all, they don’t bring the same profits as big languages., however, is proud to service the Yue languages—our Yue Chinese translation team is ready to help you.

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The identity of Yue Chinese

While Mandarin is native to the north of China, Yue Chinese languages are prominent in some of the southernmost regions. To be precise, Yue Chinese languages are spoken in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and western Hainan, as well as in Hong Kong and Macau. The languages of the Yue subfamily can be divided into five main categories: Yuehai (which includes Cantonese), Siyi, Gao–Lei, Qin–Lian, and Guinan. The Yue languages are native to the southern China region and have evolved there over centuries, even taking influences from the Tai languages still spoken in the area by the Zhuang or Kam people (known in China as the Dong people).

Yue languages form compound words differently from most other Sinitic languages—whereas the Chinese default is to apply the qualifier before the qualified noun, Yue languages do the opposite, likely owing to the influence of the nearby Tai languages. Yue languages feature numerous other grammatical differences from Mandarin and also employ sometimes drastically different vocabulary from entirely different roots, making it difficult for Mandarin speakers to understand not only Yue speech but also Yue text.

Our Yue Chinese translators are passionate about translating their languages—they can easily navigate the challenges to produce high-quality translation work.

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We pride ourselves on our flexibility and dedication to quality. That’s why we endeavor to offer Yue Chinese translation services in both directions—to Yue Chinese and from it. If you work with our team to translate from Yue Chinese, you can share historical documents, literature, academic notes, and more with the international world, shining a brighter light on Yue culture. If you would like to translate into Yue Chinese, you can work with us to translate academic papers, business materials, books, games, websites, and more into a Yue Chinese language. We’re here to help with your Yue Chinese translation needs.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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