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Our Team Is Now Ready to Provide Central Tarahumara Translation Services

If there’s one indigenous language in Mexico that people from outside the Central American country are likely to have heard of, it’s Nahuatl (Mayan as well, but that’s a family, not a single language). What you might not know is that Mexico is brimming with hundreds of other indigenous languages still spoken today, including some that are related to Nahuatl. For example, there’s Central Tarahumara, the largest of the Tarahumara varieties, which comes from the same family as Nahuatl.

Central Tarahumara has about 55,000 native speakers, accounting for roughly half of all Tarahumara speakers (the majority of the rest speak Western Tarahumara, with the remaining three varieties boasting minimal numbers of native speakers). While the number of speakers may not sound large, the language is in relatively good standing, used in local education, business, and administration. A local radio station also broadcasts in the language. Translation services for Central Tarahumara are limited, but that’s why we at are so pleased to introduce our new Central Tarahumara translation services.

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Central Tarahumara: What’s it like?

Although the majority of indigenous languages in Mexico today are found in the country’s south, Central Tarahumara is native to northern Mexico, specifically the state of Chihuahua, specifically in the region occupied by Sierra Madre Occidental. The language may also be called Rarámuri, which is the native name for the tongue. It’s a member of the Uto–Aztecan language family, which means it’s related not only to Nahuatl but also to languages in the US, such as Hopi, O’odham, and Shoshoni. However, the relations to these languages are quite distant.

The basic word order in a Central Tarahumara sentence is subject-object-verb, which, although perhaps jarring for native English or Spanish speakers, is the most common word order among the world’s languages. However, word order is quite flexible, with variations possible to alter the nuance of an utterance. In particular, words may be placed at the beginning of a sentence for emphasis. In addition, an object-verb-subject word order, used as the default in only 1% of languages, is commonly used in Central Tarahumara when telling stories. The language features indefinite (“a/an”) and definite (“the”) articles, with the word for “one” used as the indefinite article and the word for “this” used as the definite article. Inflection is found on both nouns and verbs, with Central Tarahumara incorporating suffixes for both noun cases and verbal tense. If you want to ensure your translation is accurate, it’s important to work with native-speaking Central Tarahumara translators—and that’s precisely what we offer.  

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Calling all clients in Chihuahua, other Mexican states, or even other countries: we’re equipped to accommodate whatever Central Tarahumara translation requests you may have. Since we source our translators from different communities in Chihuahua, we ensure coverage of different varieties of Central Tarahumara, offering services both to and from the indigenous language. Our translators are native speakers and are proud to help their people better connect with people from around the world.

Our Central Tarahumara translation team is diverse, populated with passionate translators who have experience working with different types of translation. This includes academic translators, business translators, literary translators, localization experts, and more, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your project details, no matter what you need. If you need a subject matter expert in a particular domain or have another special request for your Central Tarahumara translation, just let us know—we’ll work with our flexible team to find the best Central Tarahumara translator for you.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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