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Our New Specialized Translation Services for Hazaragi

Asia is a hotspot for linguistic diversity. Indonesia, India, and China constitute three of the top five most linguistically diverse nations in the world, with Papua New Guinea, the country with the most languages, directly adjacent to Asia. A variety of unique tongues are spoken across the vast landmass, from the western tip of the Levant to the easternmost tip of Japan and all throughout the expansive plains of Central Asia. In the heart of Asia, we find a mixture of indigenous Indo–European and Turkic languages, and one of these languages is Hazaragi.

Hazaragi can be considered a distinct language or a Persian dialect, depending on how you classify it. Either way, it’s used by more than 3.6 million native speakers, making it an important tongue in the region. The native language of the Hazara people, Hazaragi is spoken widely in the Hazarajat region of Afghanistan, but since it’s often categorized as a dialect of Persian, the language doesn’t generally get a lot of recognition and thus suffers from a lack of resources, including translation resources. At, however, we believe in the importance of Hazaragi, which is why we’re delighted to offer our own Hazaragi translation services.

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Let’s discover what kind of language Hazaragi is.

The Hazara people, and accordingly the native speakers of Hazaragi, primarily live in the Hazarajat region of Afghanistan, though many can also be found across the border in Quetta, Pakistan. A smaller community of Hazara people live in Iran. The Hazaragi diaspora spans the entire world, however, with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Europe, the Americas, and Australia also home to a number of Hazaragi speakers. Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship has even been moving toward officially recognizing Hazaragi, even the influx of Hazaras to the Oceanic country.

As it’s often considered a Persian dialect, Hazaragi bears many similarities to the language and is even mutually intelligible with Dari, the standardized variant of Persian spoken in Afghanistan. However, Hazaragi does distinguish itself from conventional Persian by its large number of Turkic loanwords and even some Mongolic loanwords. The grammar is similar to that of Persian, but Hazaragi is noted for its differences from western Persian in verbal morphology, with Hazaragi exhibiting imperfective forms that aren’t found in the varieties of Persian spoken in Iran.

We’d love to help you with your Hazaragi translation project.

Whether you see Hazaragi as a distinct language or a Persian dialect, it’s an important cultural artifact of the Hazara people, who speak it with pride. Though most translation services overlook Hazaragi, we at wanted to give the unique tongue the attention it deserves with dedicated Hazaragi translation services. To this end, we’ve looked for skilled translators from all over the Hazaragi-speaking world, which has taken us to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and beyond. We’re serious about providing the best Hazaragi translation services on the web.

With a wealth of experience informing their meticulous translation work, our Hazaragi translators work with pride and passion. They can translate both to and from their native tongue, so whether you’re a native Hazaragi speaker looking to connect with people around the world or someone from outside of the region wanting to engage a new audience, we stand ready to help. Our translators come from wildly different backgrounds, with experience translating business documents, academic texts, literary works, and more, so whatever specialty you need, we have the right translator for you. That even applies if your content is highly technical, filled with esoteric language that most translators wouldn’t understand—in such a case, we’ll be sure to set you up with a Hazaragi translator who has expertise in your field. Just let us know what discipline you’re working in.

If you contact us today with the details of your project, we can get started with your Hazaragi translation right away!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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