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Manado Malay Translation Services: Launching Now

Indonesia is a bigger country than most people give it credit for. In terms of geographical area, the Southeast Asian country ranks 14th in the world, coming in fourth in terms of population. Indonesia also ranks second regarding linguistic diversity, with a whopping 700+ languages spoken natively across its islands. Most of Indonesia’s languages developed slowly in Indonesia after speakers of Austronesian languages migrated from modern-day Taiwan. In some cases, creole languages even developed after contact with Europeans, and that’s exactly what happened with Manado Malay.

Manado Malay has around 850,000 native speakers and 2 million total speakers in North Sulawesi, a narrow peninsula jutting up from the island of Sulawesi. For most of its history, native speakers of Manado Malay were found mostly only in the city of Manado and other people of North Sulawesi speaking it as a second language. In recent years, it has spread dramatically and is the native language of many people in North Sulawesi, although many of these speakers have two mother tongues. Since Manado Malay is just making its debut as a written language, translation services are hard to come by, but is here to make Manado Malay translation services more accessible.

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What’s the background of Manado Malay?

As the name suggests, Manado Malay (also called Minahasa Malay) is a Malayic language from the Malayo–Polynesian branch of the Austronesian family. However, as a creole, it developed as a trade language through extensive contact with Portuguese and Dutch explorers, resulting in many loanwords from these languages. Loanwords from Ternate, a nearby West Papuan language, are also common, resulting in a unique language with features from numerous families.

Unlike many other Malayic languages, which feature separate words for “we” depending on whether the listener is included, Manado Malay has just one word for “we,” like in English. Indicating possession is simple: just put pe after the possessor and before the possessed noun. Verbal aspect (such as perfective or progressive) can be expressed by adding particles before the verb, a trait that many Malayic languages exhibit. Manado Malay verbs can also take the prefixes -man, -mam, or -mang, which denote the active voice, placing emphasis on the agent of the sentence.

A mishmash of various languages, Manado Malay isn’t easy—but our Manado Malay translators are proud of their language and eager to provide translation services.

Customizable Manado Malay translation services to fit your needs

Our Manado Malay translation team stands ready to serve you no matter what kind of translation you’re looking for. We offer translation both to and from the language, although with Manado Malay’s limited history of writing, there may not be a lot of content to translate from the language. Regardless, we’ll translate any documents you have in the language. We can also translate various types of content into the language, jumpstarting its debut as a written language—this could include pedagogical materials to educate children in Manado Malay or entertainment content such as books, poems, websites, apps, and games to create fun and interesting written content in this budding language.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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