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Hiring Marathi Translation Services: The Top 4 Mistakes

Do you often come across terribly and sometimes ridiculously translated guidelines written on the back of some products? Many individuals, companies and big brands want to convert their text into a completely different language.

Remember, things can go wrong when it comes to translating something into a language that uses a different script, for example, Marathi.

Marathi and the Devanagari script

Marathi is one of the oldest languages in India. This language uses the “Devanagari script” to execute its vowels and consonant sounds in writing. The script doesn’t include the concept of letter case that we find in the Latin alphabet.

If you want a professional Marathi translation that will communicate clearly, make sure you avoid the following four mistakes. The best option is to hire a professional Marathi translation service provider.

1. Incorrect translation of numbers.

Let's consider the numbering system in Marathi. If the source word is “1,” then it should be translated as १. But if the source word is “one,” it should be translated as एक.

Now, the most common mistake that happens here is not recognizing the purpose of that particular digit in the document. The correct way to translate these digits depends on the type of source document. The second choice is not acceptable in the cases of technical papers and mobile app data.

2. Faulty grammar.

Marathi grammar is complex. Sometimes, a horizontal line runs along the top of each word. This line separates two words. Also, there is the term velanti, which can affect and change the meaning of particular words.

Some common grammatical mistakes are:

  • Failing to add a horizontal line on each letter or combining two words by including them under the same line.

  • Incorrect velanti.

  • Improper handling of gender. For instance, “he speaks” (तो बोलतो) and “she speaks” (ती बोलते).

3. Lack of distinction between translation and transliteration.

To ensure a professional Marathi translation, use correct transliteration in the right places. Remember, not all words can be translated. If you translate particular words, for example, brand names, it could have a significant impact on the whole document.

4. Wrong sentence structure.

Work on proper sentence structure to achieve professional Marathi translation of your files. Make sure you put the subject of the sentence first, followed by the object and the verb.

For instance, the correct translation of “I understand Marathi” is मला मराठी कळते.

A good Marathi translation services provider will avoid all these mistakes.

Get your translations ready with a professional, native Marathi translator!

We offer Marathi translation services. Our professional Marathi translation experts understand context, idioms, colloquialisms, sarcasm and more. Furthermore, they know how to complete any translation job with accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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