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Hiring Gujarati Translation Services: The Top 4 Mistakes

Today, when you can find millions of apps and websites that provide translation with one click, people easily take translation services for granted. Most people rely on various translation tools, with Google Translate being the most popular. But as we all know, machine translations are never reliable.

To a machine, content is just a text, and it will translate the text by dividing it into smaller clusters. But accurate translation isn’t that simple. When you have to deal with languages like Gujarati, you must seek the help of a professional Gujarati translation service.

1. Quality and accuracy.

Although you may know both languages, you can't simply translate the content from one language to the other because all content is unique. Professional Gujarati translation services understand each individual client's requirements and the tone and flow of the content. That's why we recommend hiring a Gujarati translation service: It’s the only way you can obtain a professional Gujarati translation.

2. One word, many uses.

In Gujarati, pragmatic problems arise with the difference between the formal and informal modes of address using "you." "You" can be translated as both તું and તમે. The same can happen with idiomatic phrases, sayings, irony, humor and sarcasm.

3. Stories: more heart than mind.

Translation goes beyond words, especially when the content is a piece of art. A comedy may be dull or a drama boring if you lose its humor during translation. Every line has texture, emotion and build. A machine will never be able to pick up tonality. Gujarati translation service providers not only translate your words but also stay true to the content and make sure your message is conveyed to your audience as you originally intended it.

You may have heard about this case: In 2009, in various countries, HSBC Bank's catchphrase "Assume Nothing" was mistranslated as "Do Nothing," and the bank had to launch a $10 million rebranding campaign to repair the damage.

A professional Gujarati translation service can save you from this kind of problem.

4. Style and way of writing.

Names of foods and festivals, cultural connotations and many more factors are unique to each language. The professional translator will use language localization to correctly adapt the translation to the target culture. A simple example is dates, such as 08/09/1996. This may mean September 8 or August 9, depending on the language.

Looking for a professional, native-speaking Gujarati translator who can avoid all the mistakes?

Our Gujarati translators have amazing knowledge and expertise in professional Gujarati translation. Let’s translate!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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