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Hiring Bulgarian Translation Services: The Top 5 Risks

Even if you’re an advanced Bulgarian language learner, you still know how many specifics this Cyrillic language has, and you probably struggle with them in your conversations with native Bulgarians. If you think translating to Bulgarian might be easier if you use Google Translate, we’re sorry to disappoint you. In fact, it won’t be easier because machine translation doesn’t capture the natural Bulgarian language, which features multiple complicated grammar, syntax and spelling rules.

Professional Bulgarian translation helps people avoid all the risks connected with misunderstanding and poor translation, including the following:

1. Automatic word-for-word translation doesn’t make sense.

Google Translate might be useful when you’re trying to get the general meaning of a text, but it’s insufficient and inadequate if your aim is to present your message in another language. Bulgarian word order is often different from English word order and word-for-word translation wouldn’t be suitable or understandable. It’s worthwhile to hire an expert Bulgarian translation service to avoid absurd situations connected with incorrect translation.

2. There are different verb endings for each person and three verb conjugations.

The Bulgarian language has three verb conjugations, so unlike in English, verbs are conjugated in three different ways. Moreover, verbs for each person in the singular and plural have specific endings, which might be very complicated for a foreigner to understand. It could result in scores of endings, from which you have to choose the correct one.

3. Bulgarian adjectives have different endings.

Unlike adjectives in English, Bulgarian adjectives have different endings based on the subject they’re used with. An adjective should agree with the gender of the subject if it’s singular, or with its plural form; otherwise, major grammar errors will be made.

4. Bulgarian includes nine verb tenses, two voices and three moods.

The Bulgarian language is also not easy to translate when it comes to verb tenses since there are nine tenses. Obviously, all of them have specifics and different verb endings in all their forms. It becomes even more complicated when we consider active and passive voice and the three Bulgarian moods. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional Bulgarian translation service anytime you need correct translation.

5. The definite and indefinite articles in Bulgarian can be confusing.

Unlike in English, the Bulgarian definite and indefinite articles are placed as word endings, but even native Bulgarians struggle to use them properly in their sentences. They often confuse both articles for the masculine gender because of their specifics. That’s why it’s so important to find a good Bulgarian translation service!

Looking for an experienced, professional, native-speaking Bulgarian translator?

The good news is that we have what you’re searching for. Our professional Bulgarian translators know how to overcome all these language-related challenges to provide you with an excellent Bulgarian translation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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