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Hiring Azerbaijani Translation Services: The Top 3 Risks

We live in a globalized world. Globalization of the economy and integration processes in cultural, scientific and technical fields have led to the expansion of multilingual contacts. The modern world no longer strictly distinguishes between nationalities and countries; global business cooperation has easily overcome these boundaries … thanks to translation services!

Nowadays, an Azerbaijani translation service is increasingly required. This is apparently due to the rapidly developing economic ties of the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan. Agreements are constantly being made with this country in the fields of economy, agriculture, education, energy and customs regulation. Of course, this creates a high demand for Azerbaijani translation services.

1. Incomprehensible machine translation is not the solution.

Hiring professional translation services may sometimes cost too much. You may revert to using machine translation. Using MT systems reduces the time required to translate large amounts of text.

Okay … but what about official documents, contracts, etc., which require high accuracy in translation? You can’t risk entrusting such documents to the computer! Why? Well, because MT provides a highly accurate but incomprehensible translation. It will never (never!) translate idioms from English to Azerbaijani correctly. It will never find the Azerbaijani equivalent of the English idiom “to smell a rat” (gözü su içməmək).

2. Azerbaijani and English belong to different language families.

MT systems designed for Indo-European languages (including English) are inadequate for translating Turkic languages. This is primarily because Turkic languages, including Azerbaijani, have an agglutinative structure. In Azerbaijani, you can form a large number of words using a verb-based suffix. This feature has a significant impact on the MT system. So, you can’t get by without professional Azerbaijani translators’ help when translating from English or Russian to Azerbaijani.

3. Azerbaijani has very flexible word order.

The structure of English is SPO (subject + predicate + object), while the structure of Azerbaijani is SOP (subject + object + predicate). Nevertheless, the word order in Azerbaijani is very flexible. You can manipulate it depending on what you want to emphasize and how poetic you want your sentence to be.

For example: Mən bu kitabı oxuyuram, Bu kitabı mən oxuyuram, and Bu kitabı oxuyuram mən all mean “I read this book.” Professional Azerbaijani translation will help you understand and convey these nuances and avoid word-for-word translation between two completely different languages.

Looking for a professional, native-speaking Azerbaijani translator to avoid these risks?

Our multifaceted Azerbaijani translators are always here to assist you with translation, editing and localization services. They offer you decades of extensive translation experience. The three words that best describe our Azerbaijani translators are professional, accurate and reliable. With their help, you’ll be able to reach 45 million Azerbaijani speakers around the world.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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