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Malagasy to English Translation Services


In today’s internationally connected world, to bring your message to the widest possible audience, you must make it available in English (as well as Mandarin, Spanish, and a few other languages). English is the language of international trade, travel, and technology. Given it’s the de facto universal language, having the right Malagasy to English translation services for your project can help you reach one-fifth of the global population!


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Malagasy, a linguistic anomaly as an Austronesian language in Africa, is a unique language with grammatical and semantic elements that can be difficult to translate into English without the right experience. Our translators have worked on Malagasy to English translations for years, and their experience helps ensure your work will reliably reach an international audience. Moreover, we work with translators from a wide variety of professional backgrounds to appropriately translate materials with specific industry conventions. At the same time, we pay close attention to changing terminology to ensure the utmost accuracy for each document. 


Materials We Translate from Malagasy


  • Official documents. We can help those in Madagascar who need certified translations of financial and legal documents such as immigration papers and birth, death, and marriage certificates.

  • Tourism materials. If you want to stand out in the travel industry and attract more customers, working with a reliable Malagasy-to-English translation service is essential. We can produce exceptional translations for hotel materials, tour and travel brochures, and web content for tourism.

  • Literary works. Our professional translators have the experience necessary to translate your work seamlessly from Malagasy to English for global readership. Let us manage your translation for both non-fiction and fiction works, such as short stories, novels, and scripts.


Whether you’re located in Antananarivo, Toamasina, or Antsirabe, our dedicated team of Malagasy to English translators is ready to help you. At, we take pride in providing translations that meet our clients’ individual needs reliably and at competitive rates.


To learn more or ask questions about a specific project, message us for a free quote.

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