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Melbourne, Australia, Professional Translation Services


We maintain high standards for translation excellence.

Working with Melbourne citizens from Federation Square to Eureka Tower, has earned its reputation as the top online translation provider by delivering excellent service and accurate translations at affordable prices. We work with businesses, university professors, book authors, and anyone else with a translation need.


Our team produces translations in any language while adhering to the highest standards for accuracy and quality. That means we rely on professional human translators to deliver quality. It doesn't mean we eschew the use of automated translation technology—it's a great tool! But it only works in partnership with human expertise. With our professional translators, you can feel confident that your translated work will extend beyond English-speaking audience to reach new countries and new readers.

We translate nearly any document into more than 100 languages, including Bengali, Italian, Russian, and many more. No matter what you need—legal translation, subtitling, or anything else in our suite of services—we can do the job.

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We match the right translator to every job.

Our translation services rank as the best in Melbourne, as well as other regions across Australia, because we offer an array of services that can meet any need:


  • University professors use our academic translation service to translate their journal articles and other academic publishing into English (or from English). We have translated articles for faculty in a variety of subjects at the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and RMIT University. We carefully select translators who are familiar with the subject matter, whether astronomy, medicine, psychology, or any other field. Our translators’ depth of knowledge sets us apart.


  • Business leaders choose our business translation service to translate manuals, human resources documents and forms, marketing materials, and even websites. Business owners from the CBD to Chinatown have seen how our translations can reach new markets (producing new revenue as a result).


  • Writers work with our literary translation service to translate their novels, screenplays, short stories, and other literary manuscripts. Our team can handle any genre—fantasy, science fiction, self-help books, and more.


  • Healthcare providers from all around the Melbourne area use our medical translation service for their translation needs. We partner with a firm whose translators are familiar with immunology, psychiatry, pediatrics—nearly any specialty.


  • Anyone needing legal translation can use our service. We enlist the aid of a partner firm to assist with legal work, and its translators specialize in translating language pairs like Arabic to English or English to Japanese. We can translate documents related to any type of court case or filing—corporate law, health law, torts, discrimination, and much more.


  • If you need to translate an official document, such as a death certificate or diploma, our certified translation team will handle the job, ensuring that the translation is accurate. We verify all translations using an intensive quality-control process.


Working with us is easy. Once we receive your material, your work is done. From that point on, the job is in our capable hands.

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We use the most experienced and skilled translators.

We hold our team members to the highest standards for translation and linguistic skill. Pairing these skills with subject matter knowledge produces a superb team able to generate the highest quality translations in the country. This is why we are considered the best online translation provider for the more than 4.7 million people in Melbourne. Business owners, writers, university researchers, and others in and around Melbourne have come to rely on to meet their translation needs.

So, whether you need to present your document to a huge international audience or a bilingual family member at home, trust us to get the job done.

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We offer free samples of our work.

We agree that it is smart to want to see the quality of our work for yourself before investing in our service. For this reason, we offer a free sample of our work. All you have to do is click below, then judge our work quality for yourself.

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