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Vienna, Austria, Professional Translation Services


Are you looking for the best translators in Vienna? is the go-to online translation service for all your translation needs. Whether you’re a business professional, a scholar, or a novelist, no matter where in Vienna you call home, from St. Stephen’s Cathedral to Belvedere Palace Museum, our experienced translators can help you transform your work through a top-quality translation between English and almost any other language.

You don’t have to keep yourself confined to the German Sprachraum: with the help of professional human translators, people from around the world can read your work. At, we take quality seriously and use only the best human translators in all our work. If you’ve ever tried to translate German to English (or vice versa) using Google Translate, you know how inaccurate it is—it's great that you can receive a rough translation in mere seconds, but it's certainly not appropriate for translation projects that demand a high degree of accuracy. That's why you need human translators.


Our German translators are experts in both German and English and boast years of translation experience. We also have translators for more than one hundred other languages, so if you need to translate a text into Czech, Kazakh, or Spanish, we can help you with that, too. We can do everything from subtitling to general translation and beyond, so if you’re looking for a high-quality translation that maintains your individual style, we’re the translation team for you.

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How do you know our services are right for you?

We’re the top-rated online translation service not only in Vienna but also throughout Austria, so we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our translation, whether your text is professional, scholarly, or creative in nature.


  • Have you written an academic journal article in German that you would like to publish in English? Just send it to us. We offer specialized academic translation services, and our track record already includes researchers at the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, and Medical University of Vienna. Our translators are experts in various fields, so whether your paper is on communications, psychology, or anything else, we’ll make sure you’re assigned a translator who’s familiar with your field.


  • Do you need a translation of a human-resources manual, marketing document, or website for your Vienna business? From Innere Stadt to Landstrasse, our team works with professionals from across the City of Dreams to reach new markets and grow their businesses internationally.


  • Are you a creative writer with a novel, screenplay, or other creative work in German? We have fiction translation specialists on our team ready to turn your creative work into an English-language masterpiece. Our literary translators have worked on novels, westerns, biographies, and more, and they know how to make your book work shine in English.


  • Do you need specialized medical translation? Even in a subspecialty, such as oncology, anesthesiology, or obstetrics and gynecology, our partner firm has you covered. They’ve already assisted medical professionals from Vienna and all over Austria.


  • Are you looking for a professional translator who can reliably translate legal documents? The legal field is full of specific terminology that normal translators are not qualified to handle, but we’ve partnered with a high-quality legal translation company whose translators work with all sorts of language pairs, including German to English and English to German. Whether you work in health law, corporate law, or another subfield, they’ll make sure your translation is accurate and confidential.


  • Are you looking to immigrate to Austria—or emigrate from it? We can help you translate your official documents, such as your passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate, to or from English. Our specialized certified translation services ensure the high level of quality and accuracy demanded by governments worldwide.


  • Would you like to transform the content on your website, whether professional or personal, and make it available in another language? Let us do that for you.

All you have to do is send us your documents. We’ll translate them.

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Our translation professionals are unbeatable.

We have a massive translation team comprising the best translators from around the globe. They’re more than just language experts—they also boast expertise in a wide array of supplementary areas, so they understand both the subtle nuances of the languages they work with and the inner workings of your field.

Countless business owners, researchers, and creative writers are among the 1,867,960 people who call Vienna home, and we’re here to translate their German documents into English for an international audience or a non-German-speaking audience in Austria. Everyone has different translation needs, but no matter yours, we have the team and skills to accommodate you.

Our team is ready to start translating with you.

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We’ll give you a sample—gratis!

You may be more comfortable placing an order once you’ve already seen how well we work. We understand. That’s why we offer free samples for whatever language pair you like. Just contact us below and ask for a free sample, whether German to English, English to German, or something else.

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