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Newcastle, Australia, Professional Translation Services

Translators with a wealth of experience.

Translation needs vary from person to person. Business owners might need a human resources manual translated for an international branch. University professors might want journal articles translated into another language so their insights can be shared in other countries. Fiction and non-fiction writers could benefit from an audience beyond the English-speaking world. No matter what the translation need, will meet it. is considered the premier online translation service for Newcastle—from Newcastle Memorial Walk to Fort Scratchley. People from all over the region have experienced the benefits of the precise, accurate translations produced by our superb team.

We’ve earned our reputation by relying on talented professional translators, who can always provide better results than automated translation software. Don't misunderstand us: we think this technology is great, and we may even use it to aid in our translation work. But quality is always our first priority, so whenever we use translation software, we have our human experts carefully verify the results.


Our commitment to quality means that your translation project is handled by someone with years of experience, sharp linguistic skills, and subject matter expertise. We translate into more than 100 languages, including Bosnian, Japanese, Serbian, and many more. Our team treats each project with care and precision, paying close attention to tone and style. We offer a wide range of translation services—academic, literary, and many others.

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Translators fit for any job.

Our translation team has experience translating all types of content—creative, academic, and business, among others—and can do so according to your specifications. If you need the most accurate translation of your work, the choice is clear—work with, just as people all across Newcastle have done.


  • We’ve translated university professors’ journal articles from English into other languages. Our academic translation service has helped faculty members at the University of Newcastle and other schools translate papers and journal articles so their work can be seen by a global audience. We can handle any field of study. The translator we assign will be familiar with the subject, be it biology, philosophy, or any other subject.


  • We’ve translated international business owners’ internal documents. Our corporate translation team works with human resources manuals, marketing materials, and even websites for businesses from Mayfield to Charlestown. Let us help your business reach new markets and tap new sources of revenue through translated content.


  • We’ve helped writers translate their books into multiple languages for new readers across the globe. The literary translation team works on all types of literary documents and manuscripts: short stories, historical fiction, self-help books, science fiction, and more.


  • Physicians and other healthcare providers have turned to us for their translation needs. We partner with a firm to handle medical translation in support of specialties like internal medicine, radiology, pathology, and any other medical field. We work with healthcare providers anywhere in Newcastle and its nearby communities.


  • Working with a partner firm, we’ve translated legal documents from English to Arabic, Javanese to English, and many other language pairs. The firm that handles our legal translation specializes in translating Australian legal terminology and has expertise in foreign legal terms as well. Their work is strictly confidential and covers all areas of law—family law, criminal law, discrimination lawsuits, and much more.


  • We’ve helped people get official documents translated for the purpose of immigration. The team that handles our certified translation adheres to rigorous quality checks to ensure the accurate translation of birth certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts, and other documents.


  • Website owners all over Newcastle and throughout Australia have used our website translation service. We handle both personal and professional sites.

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Translators whose work is second to none.

We maintain high standards for the translators we bring into our network of thousands. We require superior linguistic skills, as well as expertise in a variety of subjects. The 322,000 people in Newcastle consider us the best online service for their translation needs. Business leaders, university faculty, authors, and many more have experienced the benefits of translating their content—in the process gaining new international readers, new markets for their products, or even something as simple as materials for bilingual readers in their homes or neighborhoods. No matter what your translation need is, we can provide for you. Let’s get started.

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We are confident in our work.

Let us put your mind at ease. Before you place your first paid order, request a free sample of our translations so you can judge our quality for yourself.

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