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Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Professional Translation Services

Why settle for anything but the best in translation services?

You don’t pay for translation services to get inaccurate, unprofessional translations full of mistakes. Translation is an investment in your
business, academic work, or career as a novelist, so quality matters, and that’s precisely what we at provide. After all, if we didn’t offer high-quality, accurate translations in nearly any language, professionals, scholars, and authors from all over Johor Bahru wouldn’t entrust their work to us.

We endeavor to provide translations as immaculate as the Sultan Ibrahim Building and Istana Besar, and since our team is composed entirely of expert translators with years of experience, we can do that.
Our team works with not only
Malay but also 100+ other languages, including Portuguese, Mandarin, and Hebrew, making us truly flexible. Obviously, we can provide general translation, but nearly any other type of translation also falls within the scope of our services, from academic translation, to subtitling, to whatever else you can think of. Take your work beyond Malaysia and Indonesia with the help of our phenomenally skilled translators.

We offer free quotes for our translation services.


What falls within our scope of translation services?

We’re so flexible and skilled in our large, global team that we’re confident we can fulfill the translation needs of everyone in Johor Bahru as well as the rest of Malaysia and neighboring Singapore. So, short answer: everything. Long answer: read on.


  • Raffles University Iskandar, UNITAR International University, and Monash University Malaysia produce some of the best academicians in Malaysia, but if they publish their papers only in Malay, the wider world can’t read them. Not to worry—our scholarly translators, all of whom have degrees in their respective fields, from communications to psychology, will make sure that Malaysian scholars have access to renowned international journals.


  • The more people who know about your business, the more successful it will be. The best way business owners can engage new demographics, whether that’s outside of Malaysia or inside foreign-language communities within Johor Bahru, is through business translation. Let us translate your ad campaign or website into English or Chinese. Whether your company is located in Ulu Tiram or Gelang Patah, you’re sure to reap the benefits of professional business translation.


  • We also have passionate literary translators dedicated to helping Johor Bahru authors and writers express themselves in foreign languages. From novel manuscripts, to screenplays, to poetry collections, we’ll help you tell your Malay story in English, Chinese, Tamil, or any other language you desire. Our translators have worked with a range of genres, so they’re not fazed by a manuscript that is historical fiction, a thriller, science fiction, or anything else.


  • If you run a medical practice in Johor Bahru that receives non-Malay-speaking patients, you may have to translate medical instructions into Chinese or a patient interview from Tamil to provide the best medical care. The phenomenal medical translators at our partner medical translation firm are here to help. They’re experts in obstetrics and gynecology, urology, oncology, and more, and they promise to supply Johor Bahru’s healthcare sector with the best, most accurate translations imaginable.


  • It takes a true expert to navigate the convoluted terminology in Malaysian law, and legal translation requires that same level of expertise in two languages. It’s crucial that legal translation be strictly accurate, but we trust the translators at the legal translation company we work with because we believe they’re the best in the industry. English to Malay? Chinese to English? English to Tamil? They can do it all. Their subject-matter expertise also means they can cover alternative dispute resolution, tort law, and many other branches of law.


  • Whether for immigration or to satisfy any bureaucratic process, when you deal with governments, you’re often required to present certified translations of official documentation like certificates of marriage or divorce, adoption papers, or passports. This is another translation service we offer. We guarantee that no errors will slip through the numerous quality checks we perform on certified translations.


  • Web content is one of the best things to have translated because of the ease with which people around the world can access your website. A high-quality translation for your corporate or personal website will attract new global visitors in droves.

Don’t wait to reap the benefits of professional translation.


What makes our translation team so superb?

We’ll just say it: our translation team is the best. We know because we’ve specifically hand-picked the best translators from all over the world. By “best,” we mean translation experts who also possess expertise in other fields.

If you’re among the more than 497,000
business leaders, academics, writers, and others in Johor Bahru, as well as the 5,638,700 in neighboring Singapore, is the ideal translation service for you. We know that everyone has different reasons for requiring translation, so just tell us what language pair(s) you want, send us your document, and we’ll work hard to exceed your high expectations.

Why not ask us any questions you have or request a quote for your translation project?


Start free.

We’ll translate a small portion of your translation project free if you’d just like to test the waters for diving in with a paid order. We can’t fault you for being cautious, after all. Besides, we know that after seeing our work, you’ll be back for more.

Request a free translation sample from us.

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