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English to Canadian French Translation Services

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English is sometimes considered a “global language,” but, on our remarkably multilingual planet, with more than 7,000 different languages spoken today, there is no such thing as a global language. English is only spoken by around 1.35 billion people—and there are nearly 8 billion in the world. So, having your content available only in English isn’t enough if you want to expand your audience. French is another major language, with several variants, and, if you’re working with a Québécois audience, English to Canadian French translation services may be just what you need.

French originated in France, where Standard French is spoken today—but native French speakers can be found in various countries, including Canada. Roughly a quarter of Canada’s population, accounting for much of the population of Quebec, are native French speakers—but of Canadian, not Standard, French. While the two dialects are largely mutually intelligible, notable differences in vocabulary and grammar can lead to confusion. Besides, if you’re targeting an audience in Quebec or New Brunswick, it would be best to cater to their specific dialect of French and get Canadian French translation services—which is just what offers.

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How is Canadian French different from Standard French?

Canadian French boasts several million native speakers, with nearly 8 million speaking Québécois, the largest variant of Canadian French. A smaller variant is Acadian French, spoken in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, which includes the notable Chiac dialect. French is the sole official language of Quebec and is co-official with English in New Brunswick. French is a Romance language, having developed from Vulgar Latin, and is closely related to English, especially thanks to the extensive influence French has had on English’s development.

Canadian French employs far more anglicisms than Standard French, which includes both words and sentence structures adopted from English. This is particularly strong in dialects like Chiac. However, Québécois speakers also like to differentiate themselves from English to proudly maintain their Canadian French identity. Canadian French sometimes uses different relative pronouns from Standard French, and the word order of the negative imperative can also be dramatically different. Canadian French may also use a special particle to tag questions or strengthen an exclamatory sentence, a feature not found in Standard French.  

We can translate any content you want from English to Canadian French.

Our English to Canadian French translators are passionate about their job and

dedicated to the highest standards of quality in the translation industry. This applies to all types of translation, including academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and localization. By carefully selecting the most skilled Canadian French translators from across Quebec and New Brunswick, we ensure that we can accommodate the needs of as many English to Canadian French translation clients as possible.

If you’re looking for academic translation services, allow our English to Canadian French academic translation team to help—with our keen attention to detail and expertise in a wide variety of academic subjects, we can help you get your article published in a Québécois academic journal or help you connect with colleagues at top Francophone universities in Canada. If you’re a business, our English to Canadian French business translators know precisely how to translate your business plan, financial reports, press releases, and promotional materials to smoothly communicate with Canadian French partners and cater to a Québécois customer base. Perhaps you’re a content creator—in that case, you can lean on our Canadian French literary translation and localization teams to seamlessly translate your book, short story, movie, video game, poem, TV show, or other creative project for a Canadian French audience.

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