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English to Icelandic Translation Services


Icelandic, a North Germanic language with around 300,000 speakers, is the official language of Iceland. While small, Iceland is a wealthy nation that takes pride in its language, and Icelanders consider it central to their identity. If you’re planning to take your business to Iceland or to share a groundbreaking discovery or inspiring story with Icelandic readers, finding a knowledgeable and experienced English to Icelandic translator is essential in making a good impression.


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Our translators are up to date on modern changes to the Icelandic language.


Since the late eighteenth century, writers and linguists have been intent on preserving the structure of the Icelandic language by getting rid of foreign loanwords and creating new words to represent new concepts. Thus, it isn’t surprising to find fairly recent Icelandic words for modern and technical terms, such as rafmagn (electricity), simi (telephone), and tӧlva (computer). Our translators keep abreast of all the modern changes to Icelandic so our clients’ English to Icelandic translations are superb.


Who benefits from our quality English to Icelandic translation services?


The linguistic purism that started in the late eighteenth century continues today across a multitude of fields in Iceland. Among the fields that benefit from great English to Icelandic translation services are the following:


  • Academia. We have knowledgeable and experienced Icelandic translators who, as a group, have expertise in hundreds of areas of study. Our team helps English-speaking professors and graduate students translate their case studies, research papers, and journal articles into Icelandic. They also translate textbooks in a wide range of subjects.


  • Business. Businesspeople eyeing to penetrate the diverse economy of Iceland also benefit from using the services of our versatile Icelandic translators. They help bolster the brand and reputation of non-Icelandic companies with well-translated business proposals, feasibility studies, print ads, product labels, packaging, safety manuals, and company websites, among other materials.


  • Literature. Did you know that there are more new writers, more books published, and more books read per capita in Iceland than anywhere else in the world? If you’re looking to reach this literary market, our Icelandic literary translators are here to help. They are keen on catching nuances in English and are quick to find Icelandic terms or expressions that accurately reflect the original text. They work with non-fiction and fiction writers in all genres, including romance, historical, and mystery.


  • Jobseeking. Our reliable Icelandic translators also provide translation support to English-speaking job hunters. They help develop polished resumes and cover letters in Icelandic.


Whether your project requires academic, business, technical, creative, or simple language, our meticulous and reliable translators can complete it with the ease of a native Icelandic speaker. And wherever you are on the planet, whether in Reykjavik, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjӧðrur, Akureyri, SeattleLiverpoolCalgaryNewcastle, or elsewhere, we’re able to provide you with fast and accurate English to Icelandic translation. We provide 24/7 online support and competitive rates.

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