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Did you know that by the year 2050, out of the 7,000+ known languages, only about 700 are expected to survive? English, as the most spoken language to date by number of native and non-native speakers combined, as well as the language of the aviation and seafaring worlds, commerce, science, technology, and entertainment, will certainly retain its universal language status. Thus, obtaining high-quality Icelandic to English translation services is a prudent decision for your business today and for the future.


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Why choose for your Icelandic to English translation needs?


Our team of translators is knowledgeable in hundreds of areas of study, including the arts and sciences, technology, and the law. We can handle your personal, academic, business, and literary translation needs with proficiency and in minimal time. And because we provide 24/7 online support and worldwide availability, we’re always here to help.


Whether you are in Kópavogur, Hafnarfjӧðrur, Reykjavik, Mosfellsbaer, Akureyri, Garðabaer, or elsewhere, our Icelandic to English translators are here for you. Just send us a Word document, PDF, or URL, and we’ll take it from there.


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Who uses our high-quality translation services?


Our fast and accurate human translators work with the following:


  • Creatives. According to BBC Magazine, one out of every ten Icelanders will publish a book in his or her lifetime. That’s amazing! If you’re one of these writers and you want your stories or insights to be enjoyed by a greater audience than just those in Reykjavík, Akureyri, and Keflavík, our Icelandic to English literary translators can help. They are keen to catch nuances in Icelandic and express them in beautiful English prose or poetry. They translate non-fiction and fiction literary pieces from all genres.


  • Professors and graduate students. Do you have a scientific or technological breakthrough to share? As a group, our academic translators are experts in 400+ areas of study. Thus, with our help, your Icelandic journal articles, case studies, and research papers can make the seamless transition to English. We’ve worked with researchers from the University of Iceland, Reykjavík University, and the University of Akureyri.


  • Businesspeople. Are you looking to enter the international market? Impress your partners or clients with well-translated English feasibility studies, business proposals, product labels, print ads, safety manuals, and other business documents.


  • Tour operators. In recent years, Iceland has seen a rapid increase in tourism. Visitors from the US and the UK top the list of foreigners traveling to the Land of Fire and Ice. Clearly, one of the best ways for tour operators to acquire more English-speaking clients is to have their websites, welcome packs, and travel brochures translated into clear and concise English.


Whether your project requires creative language, academic jargon, business English, or something else, we can handle it.


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