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English to Bosnian Translation Services


Bosnian is a South Slavic language, like Bulgarian and Macedonian, spoken in the Balkans. It’s a particularly close relative to Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian, with all four often being considered varieties of a single pluricentric language (Serbo-Croatian). Although this language group exhibits a high degree of mutual intelligibility, Bosnian remains distinct for a number of reasons, including different spelling conventions and certain unique grammatical features. Fortunately, our team of translators knows how to navigate these differences to provide you with excellent English to Bosnian translation services. 


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Today, Bosnian is the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the official languages of Montenegro. The language also has a large number of speakers in Serbia, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. As such, having access to a good Bosnian translation service is essential to breaking into these markets. Moreover, you need to make sure your translation service understands how to leverage the appropriate speech registers of Bosnian for different materials. Unlike with most other languages, localization into Bosnian also requires knowledge of two separate alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic. You can count on to use the right one for whatever materials you need translated into Bosnian.


Materials we translate into Bosnian


  • Legal documents. Every language has its own specialized legal jargon and conventions, and Bosnian is no exception. We have partnered with a team of legal translators who have the right experience to manage your Bosnian translation with careful attention to detail. They translate documents such as contracts, deeds, agreements, and waivers.

  • Websites. As the Internet becomes increasingly essential to everyday life, you need to have an online presence accessible to people all over the world. Our team has experience translating various websites into Bosnian to reach a wider audience. We work with government websites, corporate sites, e-commerce sites, and other web content.

  • Business materials. We also have the expertise to translate marketing and digital content into Bosnian, whether software, an app, or other digital media.


Whether you’re trying to reach an audience in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Podgorica, or anywhere else, we are ready to manage your translation needs. is available and able to fulfill the specific requirements of your English to Bosnian translation project.


To learn more, message us now to get a free quote or simply to discuss your project.

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