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English to Serbian Translation Services


Today, there are about eight million Serbian speakers throughout the Balkans, where it remains one of the most widely spoken languages. Serbian is the sole official language of Serbia and one of the official languages of both Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, it’s the most spoken language in Montenegro. To reach a wide Balkan audience, you’ll need high-quality English to Serbian translation services.


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Unique challenges in translating English to Serbian


Serbian is a South Slavic language that is closely related to Bosnian, Croatian, and Montenegrin. It is grammatically complex, featuring numerous prefixes and word endings that can completely change the nuance or meaning of any given sentence. Additionally, Serbian is one of the only languages in the world that often uses two alphabets. Consequently, materials may be written in either the Roman or the Cyrillic alphabet, as essentially all Serbian speakers can read and write in both. With that in mind, translators need to be aware of which alphabet to use depending on the content and the conventions of the document.


Our team of translators is well versed in the challenges of English to Serbian translation. You can count on our expertise when translating a wide range of documents. 


What English to Serbian translation services do we offer?


  • Legal translation. Successfully translating legal documents requires a deep understanding of legal terminology and processes. We have partnered with a knowledgeable team of legal translators who are ready to translate contracts, agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and more.

  • Business translation. Our team has the needed expertise to translate documents such as business plans, marketing reports, and other materials.

  • Website translation. At, we have a long history of translating websites, including government and e-commerce sites, blogs, and other online content.


In working with, you access the best English to Serbian translation services, whether you’re trying to reach an audience in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, or Podgorica. No matter where you are or what documents you need translated, we can help you.


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