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Berkshire, England: Translation Services


We’re the answer to your translation woes.

Whether it’s Highclere Castle, Windsor Castle or Boulter’s Island, England’s Berkshire County has a lot to offer. This southern English county, just west of Greater London, is bursting with a bright and enthusiastic population, with individuals pushing boundaries in academia, business, literature and other domains. To spread their messages further, they often rely on high-quality translation services—like those provided at Indeed, we’re thrilled to help the residents of Berkshire.

What do we translate, you ask? Just about any language you can think of! Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Polish, Afrikaans, German—languages from all over the world. We even work with minority or endangered languages, from nearby Welsh or Irish to faraway tongues like Yucatec Maya, Māori and Karelian. We always aim to provide the same high-quality translation, regardless of the language or the type of project.

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The best translation services—wherever you are in Berkshire

Greatness in Berkshire isn’t limited by geography. You can find talented scholars, businesspeople, authors and others in all areas of the county. Our mission is to provide accurate translation services to all of them. So, whether you’re in Reading, Slough, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Woodley, Wokingham, Windsor, Earley, Sandhurst or Crowthorne, reach out to our team for tailored translation services.

·        We’re proud to help the many academics at the renowned Berkshire universities the University of Reading, Imperial College and the University of West London. At these fine institutes, scholars delve into all sorts of disciplines, from engineering to history. But to project their insights around the world, they often require academic translation services. We’ve hired academic translators with specialised expertise in numerous disciplines, making us well suited to the job no matter the document.

·        All over Berkshire, professionals and business leaders work hard to earn a profit and boost the economy. Our business translators are the perfect solution for Berkshire businesspeople who need reliable translation of their internal corporate documents or marketing materials to take their business abroad or establish a presence for their foreign company here in Berkshire.

·        Are you a novelist, poet, short story author or other type of writer who calls Berkshire home? Perhaps you create artistic content such as movies, videos or documentaries. Whatever you create, our literary translators would love to help you prepare it for international consumption. We can translate your manuscript or script to or from whatever language you desire, being careful to ensure that your unique style and voice continue to ring true in the translated version.

·        Providing medical care is gruelling enough, whether you work in immunology, emergency medicine or obstetrics and gynecology, but Berkshire healthcare workers have the additional challenge of finding suitable medical translation services they can rely on in life-or-death situations. Given the technical terminology in medical fields, this can be tricky. But with our partner medical translation company, a leader in the field, it’s simple. The company’s translators specialise in numerous niches so they can provide reliably accurate translations for Berkshire medical practitioners.

·        High-quality legal translation services can be difficult to track down, both in and out of Berkshire. After all, most legal subfields, from family law to tax law, are incredibly complex and difficult for laypeople to grasp. That’s why you need a specialised legal translator, like those at our partner legal translation firm. These bona fide experts in various legal subfields ensure your legal documents are in good hands.

·        Whether you’re looking to make the picturesque Berkshire County your new home or you’re a Berkshire native eyeing the wider world for a new life, the need for certified translation can put a damper on your migration plans. Not to worry. From birth certificates to academic degrees, our certified translation team can help you with your certified translation needs to or from any language.

·        Digital media continues to be a larger and larger presence in our daily lives, and as Berkshire residents create more and more websites, games, apps, programs and other digital content, its influence only grows stronger. Our localisation team would love to help local developers take their work global by providing tailored localisation services in the desired language.

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Berkshire deserves the best in translation—so we deliver.

It’s a big world out there, but we’ve scoured it to bring you the best translators from all over. We work with hundreds of languages, and we’ve sought out the top translators for each, so you can rest assured that your translation projects are always in good hands. Flexibility is the name of the game. Our team represents all sorts of translation specialties and caters to a wide range of esoteric fields.

Berkshire houses a population of more than 930,000 people, many of whom work hard in different areas of academia, business and the arts. We at work hard to support them with our flexible and customisable translation services. We are happy to accommodate special requests to fit your unique project. With affordable rates that make translation accessible to more people, we’re proud to serve Berkshire county.

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What if you could get the first little bit of your project translated free of charge? That’s what we offer with our free translation samples. We’ll translate a snippet of your project, according to whatever specifications you give us, and you can determine whether you want to pursue a paid order. We’re confident you’ll like our work, though.

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