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Great Translation Services in Austria


We can translate just about anything you want to or from any language.

As a wealthy, highly developed Central European country, Austria is brimming with talented and ambitious people from all walks of life. As they enjoy the wonders of life in Austria—from the Vienna State Opera or St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Krimml Waterfalls or Burg Hohenwerfen—Austria’s countless scholars, business founders, content creators, and others may struggle to find the tailored, reliable translation services they need to open up their work to a broader audience. That’s where we at come in.

As technology continuously advances, automated translation programs get better and better. But language is incredibly complex, and while machines can produce a solid base for a translation, they’re unreliable and simply can’t capture the subtle nuances that a trained human translator can. If you’d like a quicker and cheaper translation option, we can initially translate your document through software and then have our professional human translators carefully pore over it for errors or inaccuracies.

We cover just about any language you can think of. German, of course, as well as Hungarian, Slovak, Albanian, Polish, and many more—and we even have a dedicated team for Bavarian! We also work with materials on all sorts of subjects.

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A wide scope of translation services to accommodate everyone in Austria

Boasting around 9 million inhabitants, Austria isn’t the biggest country in the world, but it’s certainly not the smallest, either. Everyone from researchers and entrepreneurs to authors and bloggers populate the country, in cities such as Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, and beyond—and we proudly serve clients in all these locales and more!

  • With such esteemed institutes as the University of Vienna, the University of Innsbruck, the University of Graz, and the University of Salzburg, Austria boasts a rich culture of academia. Our academic translators would love to help Austrian students and professors take their work further by translating their dissertations, journal articles, conference papers, and more from German to English—or to or from nearly any other language. Our translators are experts in various fields, so don’t worry about esoteric terminology.

  • Austria’s highly industrialized economy has been a major contributor to its fiscal success, and many Austrian professionals and business owners look to the wider world to expand operations. But, of course, that requires pinpointed translation services you can trust. We can translate business documents to and from English and German, as well as various other languages to help you get ahead.

  • Whether it’s novels and poems or movies, documentaries, or video games, Austria produces a lot of quality creative content. But if you only release it in the original German, you’re dramatically limiting your potential audience. We can translate your creative works into English and other languages to capture new markets—or, if you’re from another country and looking to target an Austrian audience, we can translate your content into German.

  • Austria’s medical professionals toil day in and day out to keep the country safe and healthy, specializing in niches from radiology to psychiatry. But reliable medical translation services can be difficult to come by, as you need professional translators who truly understand the medical field. Our partner firm can help you—they’re a leader in medical translation and offer specialized translation in various medical subfields.

  • Law is complicated in any jurisdiction, and Austria certainly isn’t an exception. Whether you’re working with immigration law, corporate law, tax law, or estates and trusts, law is filled with esoteric terminology, and a legal translator must be well versed in the technical jargon in both languages. To ensure Austrian legal professionals have access to high-quality legal translation, we’ve partnered with a leader in the industry, who provides confidential translation services for various areas of the law.

  • Whether you’re one of the many immigrants to the prosperous nation of Austria or you’re a native-born Austrian looking to spread your wings abroad, you may require certified translation of your official documents, such as adoption records, professional certifications, and more. We work with hundreds of languages, so we’re confident we can accommodate your needs.

  • Digital content is becoming increasingly important in our lives—whether it’s in the form of websites, mobile apps, software programs, or video games. Contact us if you’d like to take your digital content to wider audiences with our localization services, available in more languages than you can imagine.

We can’t wait to translate your project—send it our way with an official order today!

We pride ourselves on our talented translation team.​

Our translation team gathers together the best translators from around the world. You’ll find experienced translators from Austria, who can deliver pinpointed translations to or from Austrian German, as well as experts from countries all over the globe, representing their respective mother tongues. And that’s not all—our translators are trained in various subjects, so technical content doesn’t faze us.

Austria’s population of 9 million represents a huge demand for high-quality translation services, and we’re eager to offer Austrians the translation services they need to move forward with their projects—whether in academia, business, literature, medicine, law, or another domain. We combine flexibility, reliability, speed, and affordability to bring you the best in translation services.

You can place your first translation order today—so why wait?

We can translate a little bit of your project for free.

It can be intimidating to jump into a paid order with a new translation firm. We want to make sure you’re confident about your decision to work with us, so we’re offering free samples to any first-time clients in Austria. There are no strings attached—if you like our work, you can proceed, and if you don’t, you’re not under any obligations.

There’s never been a better time to request a free translation sample.

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