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Our Spanish Interpretation Services: On Site and Remote


Connect with the Hispanic world with our professional Spanish interpretation services.

English is the most widely spoken language on the planet, but only if you count second-language speakers. In terms of native speakers, English comes in third. First place goes to Mandarin Chinese, and second place goes to Spanish, the dominant language of most of Central and South America.

Since English proficiency is relatively low in Spain and Latin America, professional Spanish interpretation services can be truly invaluable. Perhaps you have a business meeting with business associates from Mexico, or you’re presenting at a conference in Madrid, or you’re a researcher interviewing locals from rural Bolivia. Without a Spanish interpreter, these tasks may be hard to navigate, but with a Spanish interpreter, they’re a breeze. That’s our mission here at—to help you succeed in your endeavors by communicating seamlessly with Spanish speakers, without uttering a word of Spanish.

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Want to know more about Spanish?

Spanish originates from Spain, having developed from the Vulgar Latin spoken in the Iberian Peninsula, but it spread to much of Central and South America when Spanish explorers colonized the region. Today, most countries in Latin America speak Spanish, including Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, and more. Each country has its own dialect(s), with the Spanish used sometimes varying significantly from country to country. Spanish dialects have high mutual intelligibility, however.

Spanish is a Romance language, making it similar to French, Portuguese, and Italian. It features two grammatical genders—masculine and feminine—which determine the article and adjective form used with a given noun. Adjectives usually come after the noun they modify, unlike in English. Spanish verbs are complex, with more than 50 conjugations possible for any given verb, since they conjugate for person and number as well as various tenses, aspects, and moods. Spanish speakers also tend to omit the subject, especially first- or second-person subjects, since person is marked on the verb. All these complications in Spanish can lead to misunderstandings for those not fluent in the language—but with our Spanish interpreters, you won’t have to worry.

Want on-site or remote Spanish interpretation services? We offer both!

Whether you’re looking for Spanish interpretation services to navigate a business meeting, participate in a conference, conduct—or receive—an interview, or simply converse with locals on your trip to Spain, our Spanish interpreters are here to help you in whatever way you need. If you prefer to meet your interpreter in person, we’ll arrange for that, and if remote interpretation services work better for you, we’ll set that up for you.

If you’re anywhere in Spain or Latin America, we can easily send an interpreter to your location for on-site Spanish interpretation services. We’ve taken care to staff our team with interpreters from all over Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and beyond, so we’re sure to have an interpreter in your area. Since Spanish is such a common global language, we also have lots of interpreters in international cities outside of Spanish-speaking regions, and if we don’t have anyone in your area, we can send someone by plane—if you can cover their transportation costs, of course.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer remote Spanish interpretation services, where your interpreter joins your Zoom call or telephone conference call and interprets Spanish via the miracle of the internet. This works well for online meetings or interviews, and we can easily match you with an interpreter who fits your preferences regarding dialect and subject matter expertise.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for Spanish both available

Not all Spanish interpretation jobs are the same. The subject matter and dialects differ significantly, but the type of communication also strongly informs the type of Spanish interpretation services one needs. For example, for a presentation or live television broadcast, with one-way speech directed to an audience, simultaneous Spanish interpretation services are best, since the interpreter can interpret in real time as the speaker is still speaking. For meetings, conferences, interviews, and other scenarios with two-way dialogue, consecutive Spanish interpretation services are preferable. Here, speakers say one or two sentences at a time and wait for the interpreter to relay the message to the other parties. 

Spanish interpreters from a wide variety of backgrounds

Worried that your Spanish interpreter won’t be able to navigate the complicated subject matter or technical terms that may come up in your speech or conversation? Not to worry—our team is full of Spanish interpreters with expertise in a range of fields. If you require a Spanish interpreter with a particular background, just let us know, and we’ll arrange for them to handle your interpretation needs.

We’d love to help you with your Spanish interpretation needs! Send us a message today to get started.

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