Sesotho to English Translation Services

Today, English is not only one of the major languages of Southern Africa but also the lingua franca of the world. Therefore, high-quality translations can make all the difference when it comes to reaching the one-fifth of the world’s population that speaks English. You need a Sesotho-to-English translation service that can produce translations meant for localized audiences as well as an international one.


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If you’re in Lesotho or South Africa and want to reach a wider audience in the region or throughout the entire world, it’s best to entrust the task to a professional translation service. At, we’ve spent years honing our skills and translating Bantu languages like Zulu and Kinyarwanda into English. Our translators are well versed in the intricacies of Sesotho and ready to provide Sesotho translations from either of the language’s two orthographies into almost any variety of English. With our experience and expertise, we can translate your message accurately for an English-speaking audience that includes 400 million native speakers and more than one billion second-language speakers.


Sesotho-to-English Translation Services We Provide


  • Business materials. For any enterprise trying to broaden its client base or attract new investors, we help with by managing translations for business plans, products descriptions and testimonials, brochures, and more.

  • Literary works. With world-renowned authors like Thomas Mofolo, Sesotho has a treasure trove of literature. We translate an array of creative works, including plays, short stories, poems, and novels, for publishers, authors, and playwrights who want to expand to an international audience. 


If you have any project that you want to bring to an international audience, can help you. Our team is ready to accommodate the specific needs of your translation project, whether you’re in Mafeteng, Bloemfontein, Welkom, or Johannesburg. You can receive a free quote or find out what we can do for your project by messaging us now.