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English to Sesotho Translation Services


Having your text in Sesotho provides you with an audience of about 5 million native speakers and 8 million more who use Sesotho regularly as a second language. Sesotho is the national language of Lesotho and the country’s primary language of administration, education, and communication.


Additionally, it is the language of the Basotho people of southern Africa and an integral part of their culture. As a result, Sesotho is also widely spoken in South Africa and Zimbabwe; it is an official language in both countries. And while many Sesotho speakers are multilingual, reaching this audience requires more than using English or a neighboring African language.


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Sesotho is a Niger-Congo language like Swahili and Kinyarwanda and belongs to the Southern Bantu group of languages, along with Xhosa and Zulu. The Sesotho language has a complicated noun system with more than fifteen categories for grammatical gender. It also has an extensive grammar to describe specific aspects of verbs not usually expressed in English, such as causation, completion, and the relationship between the subject and object. Fortunately, our team of translators is up to the task of Sesotho translation across a variety of materials.



Materials We Translate into Sesotho


  • Websites. Ensure you have an online presence for a Sesotho-speaking audience, whether for blogs, informational and government sites, ecommerce properties, or any other web content.


  • Business documents. Our team has the experience to help enterprises that want to expand into markets in Southern Africa. We translate advertisements, packaging, brochures, product information, and more.


  • Localized content. Be sure your digital content has been translated with thorough consideration of Sesotho speakers and their cultures. We have plenty of experience ensuring the best translation for software, phone apps, games, and other kinds of digital experiences.


Those seeking to expand their audiences by more than 10 million can rely on Our English to Sesotho translation services can meet your needs whether you want to reach people in Maseru, Mafeteng, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, or elsewhere.


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