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Our Punjabi Interpretation Team: Offering In-Person and Remote Services


Let us help you connect with the Punjabi speakers of the world.

When you picture the biggest languages in the world, you might think of English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, or French. Indeed, these are among the world’s biggest languages. But you probably wouldn’t think of Punjabi, even though it’s the 14th most widely spoken language in the world. And most people in the Punjab region haven’t mastered English, with an estimated 27% reporting some English proficiency (meanwhile, more than 55% report being able to speak Hindi).

But if you need to talk to Punjabi speakers, don’t worry—you don’t have to crack open a bunch of Punjabi language textbooks. Our Punjabi interpreters are here to help you navigate the Punjab region and the worldwide Punjabi diaspora. We have interpreters spaced out not only across the entirety of the Punjab region—in both India and Pakistan—but also in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, and elsewhere with a strong Punjabi-speaking presence. So, if you need Punjabi interpretation services, we’re here to help.

Quotes for our Punjabi interpretation services are available free of charge—just ask!

Let’s do a deep dive into the Punjabi language.

Punjabi is a transnational language, split between the two independent nations of India and Pakistan. Specifically, it’s native to the Punjab region, which is split fairly equally between the two South Asian countries. Around 80 million Pakistanis speak Punjabi as their native language, with around 31 million Indians reporting the same. Hundreds of thousands more speakers in Canada, the UK, and beyond push the total number of speakers up to about 113 million.

Punjabi may look like Arabic to the untrained eye—so it might be hard to believe that it’s related to English, not Arabic. But it’s only distantly related, and it certainly doesn’t feel related to English with features such as a subject-object-verb default word order and a whopping six noun cases. Punjabi also marks nouns for two genders, like French or Spanish, and verbs are conjugated to distinguish the person as well as the tense, aspect, and mood—so it’s not exactly the easiest language to learn.

Punjabi interpretation services wherever you want them

It’s up to you whether you meet up with our Punjabi interpreter in person or whether you work with them remotely via the internet. We offer both services to fit the needs of a diverse clientele.

Our on-site Punjabi interpretation services work well for anyone in a Punjabi-speaking area, whether that’s in Pakistan, India, Canada, or the United Kingdom. With our team covering a wide geographical area, there’s a good chance we have a Punjabi interpretation expert in your area. And if we don’t, don’t worry—we can send one of our experts out to meet you (in exchange for reimbursement for their travel expenses, naturally).

Perhaps your interpretation needs are confined to the internet, and you’re perfectly happy with remote interpretation services wherein our Punjabi translator joins your call (on Zoom, Skype, or another app—or even over the traditional phone) and provides interpretation services remotely. Of course, you need a stable internet connection for this—but it’s a great solution for those looking for convenience.

You have the choice between simultaneous and consecutive Punjabi interpretation services.

Do you want your Punjabi interpreter to translate the spoken content while the original speaker is still talking, making for a smooth and uninterrupted speech, or do you prefer a more dialogue-oriented style in which the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish, with the conversation progressing a sentence or two at a time? We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for Punjabi—you just need to tell us which one you prefer.

If you’re running a large multilingual conference, presentation, speech, or live TV broadcast, we recommend simultaneous interpretation. This allows the information to flow smoothly, with the interpreted speech delivered to recipients via language-specific headphones or as a voiceover on TV.

If you’re conducting a conversation with business partners, research subjects, or everyday Punjabi speakers in your area, consecutive interpretation services may be preferable. In this style, the interpreter is more involved in the conversation and can even ask the speakers for clarification, which can result in more accurate interpretation, even if it’s a bit slower and choppier than simultaneous interpretation.

Whichever type of Punjabi interpretation you prefer, just let us know!

Punjabi interpretation services for esoteric subject matter

Does your conversation or speech revolve around complicated subject matter that everyday Punjabi speakers wouldn’t necessarily understand? If so, your Punjabi interpreter will need expertise in your field to ensure accurate interpretation. Fortunately, we have a well-rounded team filled with experts in various fields, so we can likely set you up with a Punjabi interpreter who can expertly navigate the technical jargon in your content.

We’re passionate about breaking down the language barriers that separate Punjabi and English speakers. If you’d like to experience high-quality Punjabi interpretation services, send us a message today detailing your needs!

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