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Remote and On-Site French Interpretation Services


With French interpretation services, international communication has never been easier.

English is easily the most widely spoken language in the world, with around 1.35 billion people speaking it. However, that leaves more than 6 billion people who don’t speak English. Another major world language is French, spoken in territories around the globe and used as a lingua franca in parts of Africa. With both English and French boasting such prestige and prominence, one may encounter various situations that require French interpretation services.

Are you heading to Paris for a business meeting with French-speaking counterparts? Are you presenting at an international conference for your industry in Montreal? Are you underway in West Africa as a researcher? If you need help communicating with French speakers in real time, let help. We provide professional French interpretation services both remotely and on site, for both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, so no matter what you need, our highly trained French interpreters always have your back.

French interpretation services may be more affordable than you realized—find out with a free quote!

French: a language that stretches across all continents

With French spoken widely across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, and parts of Africa, combined with French territories in Africa, Oceania, and South America, French is truly a language of the world. French’s nearly 400 million total worldwide speakers represent a range of dialects, with French speakers in France, SwitzerlandCanadaCôte d’Ivoire, French Guiana, French Polynesia, and New Caledonia all speaking different variations of the language. Despite French’s linguistic proximity to English, many French speakers don’t speak English, rendering French interpretation services indispensable. 

French is an Indo-European language located on the Romance branch of the family, having developed from the Vulgar Latin spoken in Roman-era Gaul (now France). It famously divides words into masculine and feminine, with adjectives also changing form depending on the gender of the noun they modify. Thanks to extensive contact between French and English, the two languages share a lot of vocabulary, but sometimes seemingly similar words have entirely different meanings or nuances, which could lead to disastrous mistranslations. That’s why you need to have a professional French interpreter on your side.

We can provide French interpretation services remotely or on site.

Why are you looking for French interpretation services? Our diverse and specially trained team is equipped to help clients in all kinds of situations, so whether you need remote French interpretation services or on-site French interpretation services, just let us know. No matter if it’s for a business meeting, an international event, or an interview for official or academic purposes, our team is ready to provide French interpretation services in the dialect of your choosing.

Whether you’re in France, Canada, West Africa, or French Polynesia, we have professional French interpreters on standby all over the world, waiting to help you break down the language barrier. We’ll send an interpretation professional out to meet you to help you communicate smoothly with Quebecois business partners, present at an industry conference in Nice, or interview locals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s okay if you’re not in a French-speaking country—we have French interpretation professionals around the world, so we may have someone in your city. And if we don’t, there are always planes—if you’re willing to pay a surcharge to fly out an interpreter.

Depending on your needs, you may prefer remote French interpretation services instead, however. For example, if you’re conducting an interview with a French speaker over the phone or participating in a small business meeting on Zoom with French-speaking associates, our interpreter can simply join the call and interpret smoothly between French and English. This is a quick, easy way to access French interpretation services from anywhere in the world.

Consecutive or simultaneous: which kind of French interpretation do you prefer?

Depending on the reasons for which you require French interpretation services, either consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation will be more appropriate for you. If you’re part of a massive conference or presenting at an international event with an audience that speaks many different languages, your best bet is simultaneous French interpretation services. Here, the interpreter renders the speaker’s words into the other language at almost the same time they’re uttered, listening and translating at the same time. If you’re in a small business meeting or a one-on-one conversation, however, you’ll prefer consecutive French interpretation services, where the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish before translating the content into the other language. We offer both types.

French interpretation services for any industry

We’ve carefully designed our French interpretation team to cover as many domains as possible, allowing us to offer professional French interpretation services for experts from all sorts of business and academic backgrounds. Just tell us if you’ll be working with technical subject matter, and we’ll make sure your French interpreter knows your field. Send us a message today to get started!

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