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Pashto Voiceover Services


When you’re creating and disseminating video content, you have one primary goal: engaging your audience. It doesn’t matter what kind of content it is or what your message is—the key is to capture your audience’s attention and not let it go. Your strategy for engaging your audience will differ depending on your content and target audience, but one thing remains true across nearly all content: voice is more engaging than text. That means a professional voiceover will improve nearly any project, from business presentations to audiobooks.

We at truly understand the power of voiceovers. That’s why we’ve endeavored to build dedicated voiceover teams for so many languages around the world, including Pashto, a prominent language in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best Pashto voice actors, so simply choose the one who works best for your project and let us handle the rest, including editing the audio clips so that they’re easy to embed into your project. We make ordering Pashto voiceover services easy.

If you’re wondering how much a Pashto voiceover will cost, wonder no more—just ask us about a free quote!

Pashto voiceover services open you up to two new countries.

The Pashtun people are split primarily between two countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan. Forming the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the second-largest in Pakistan, Pashtuns number more than 50 million, almost all of them speaking their native Pashto, regardless of their country. Afghani Pashtuns tend to speak Dari as a second language, while those in Pakistan learn Urdu—but nearly all Pashtuns are most comfortable in Pashto, which unites them across national borders. Pashtuns are proud of their language, which they see as a marker of their ethnic identity.

So, any content targeting Pashtun people should be delivered in Pashto—that’s clear. And for maximum engagement and immersion, a Pashto voiceover is the obvious solution. This will, of course, necessitate a Pashto translation of your script, which our team would be happy to provide. Pashto translation is not something for amateurs, what with the language’s four cases, gendered nouns and adjectives, and split ergativity system, where the verb agrees with the object, not the subject, in particular situations.

What are the benefits of adding a Pashto voiceover to your content?

A voiceover is an excellent way to improve your content in nearly every possible way. Simply having a high-quality voiceover will do wonders for your reputation, as Pashtuns will be impressed that you’ve invested time and money in their language. With a voiceover, you can also highlight the graphic elements in your content, since viewers won’t be distracted by subtitles—and you don’t have to worry about poor literacy rates in the less-developed areas of the Pashto-speaking world.

Although Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan usually learn to speak Dari and Urdu, respectively, the language of their heart is Pashto—and Pashto is also the only way to reach all Pashtuns. If Pashtuns are your target audience, investing in a Pashto voiceover just makes sense. This way, you can easily reach people in Kabul, Peshawar, Quetta, Kandahar, Mingora, Jalalabad, and more.

Rely on the experts for a great Pashto voiceover.

Don’t leave your Pashto voiceover up to chance. Hiring amateur voice actors with less-than-stellar equipment could leave you with an investment sunk into a voiceover that actually degrades the quality of your content. For a great voiceover, you want passionate, talented, experienced voice actors who can express the emotions you want as they read your script, recorded on state-of-the-art equipment that allows the voice to come through crisply and clearly.

Luckily, that’s just what we offer here at We’re proud to run a reputable Pashto voiceover team with talented narrators from across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Pashtun diaspora, drawing on their wide-ranging experience working on various projects to deliver high-quality voiceovers that you can rely on. Product demonstrations, presentations, commercials, audiobooks, online videos, movies, documentaries, video games—you name it, we can handle it.

What kind of project are you seeking Pashto voiceover services for? Let us know today in a message!

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