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Urdu Voiceover Services


Do you have a video, presentation, game, commercial, movie, presentation, or any other similar content that you want to present to an Urdu-speaking audience? Then don’t forgo professional voiceover services! Spoken language has a much deeper impact on viewers, helping them better absorb and retain information, as well as allowing them to sink deeper into the world you’ve created—without being distracted by pesky subtitles. This is as true for Urdu as it is for any other language, so a voiceover is really your best strategy.

If you want a professional Urdu voiceover, look no further than We offer voiceover services in several different languages, including Urdu, proudly helping clients reach viewers in Pakistan and beyond. Our services are all-encompassing: not only do we record the lines themselves, but we also help you cast the most suitable Urdu voice actors and clean up the files after recording to make them as easy as possible for you to handle. That’s what you get if you work with

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Speak to Pakistanis with an Urdu-language voiceover.

It may surprise many to know that Urdu and Hindi are effectively the same language, bound together under the term Hindustani. However, the writing system is different, with Urdu using the Arabic script, and both have their own dialects and local differences. Despite its marriage to Hindi, Urdu alone remains the 11th most widely spoken language in the world, with 170 million speakers. Called Urdū (اُردُو) by locals, it’s spoken widely in Pakistan and by Muslims in northern India.

Getting a quality Urdu translation of your content can be a tricky process, but it’s necessary to start your Urdu voiceover. If you don’t have a translation, allow us to translate your script for you. It’s important to trust experts for this job, since Urdu’s tricky grammar—such as its two genders, three cases, expansive repertoire of postpositions, and complicated verbal system, replete with markings for tense, aspect, and mood—can make the translation process challenging.

The benefits of voiceovers are not to be underestimated.

Want to ensure a more enjoyable experience for your viewers? Want to send a strong, powerful message that people are more likely to remember? Want to make sure your viewers pay ample attention to the graphics and other visual elements in your content? Want to boost your reputation and clout? A professional voiceover can aid in all these areas. An Urdu voiceover will also show your Urdu-speaking viewers that you value them—enough to shell out the bucks for a professional voiceover in their language.

Indeed, while an English voiceover may be helpful, don’t overestimate its position in the world. Most people don’t speak English—even in India and Pakistan, where English is an official language. So don’t overlook the importance of a voiceover in Urdu. This will help you spread your message from Karachi to Hyderabad (Singh) and from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar.

We ensure quality by choosing the best voiceover experts for our team.

Quality matters when it comes to voiceovers, Urdu or otherwise. Why? Because poor-quality voiceovers, with lackluster voice acting and noisy sound quality, completely undermine all the benefits that voiceovers offer. With a low-quality voiceover, you’ll end up annoying your viewers, and they’re likely to leave with a negative impression of your content, having not enjoyed it. So all the wonderful benefits of voiceovers only come with high-quality voiceovers.

But don’t worry—it’s not hard to get high-quality voiceovers as long as you work with the right team. We’ve worked hard to select the top voiceover talent from around the world, staffing our team with voice actors who have worked on product demos for multinational corporations, informative documentaries for leading filmmakers, and exciting new games from leaders of the gaming industry. Our voiceover professionals have amassed experience in engaging audiences from Pakistan, India, and all over the world with the captivating power of the human voice—and we’d like to help you harness these benefits as well.

If you want to reap the benefits of Urdu voiceover services, get in contact with us now. We’ll discuss what you need for your project.

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