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Pangasinan to English Translation Services


Today, at least two billion people use English, with speakers living on every continent and in nearly every country. The importance of the language cannot be overstated, so if you’re looking to expand your project on an international scale, making your content available in English is enormously important. Our professional team offers high-quality Pangasinan to English translation services, and we have the experience and expertise to support projects in a variety of industries.


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Although many Pangasinan-speakers are familiar with English, providing quality translations requires a deep understanding of the two languages as well as the context of the material. When it comes to linguistic challenges, our translators have years of experience working with other Philippine languages, such as Bikol and Cebuano. We also understand the challenge of retaining the tone of the original text.


Although Pangasinan borrows much of its lexicon from Sanskrit, Malay, Arabic, Spanish, and English, it has also adopted more words from Chinese languages than other languages in the area have. This adds a layer of complication to the language that makes it difficult to translate accurately. At, however, we have the necessary skills to support a wide range of texts.



Materials We Translate from Pangasinan to English


  • General materials. Our translation team works with a wide range of documents and materials, including personal communications and unclassified or miscellaneous texts.


  • Literary works. Pangasinan has an extensive history of oral and written literature, including well-known authors such as Felipe Quintos and Santiago B. Villafania. We work with publishers and authors to bring literary content to international audiences by translating plays, poetry, short stories, novels, and more.


Geography is no issue for us! We support Pangasinan to English translation projects in Lingayen, Tarlac City, San Carlos City, and elsewhere and are dedicated to ensuring your message reaches a global audience. If you want a blend of quality and experience, is here to help.


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