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Lithuanian to English Translation Services


​Along with Latvian and Latgalian, Lithuanian is a Balto-Slavic language spoken in Northwest Europe. Linguists and other language scholars have often noted that Lithuanian is one of the most historically conservative languages in Europe. While the language has taken on some loanwords from languages such as Russian and German, it has developed most of its vocabulary from native Baltic roots. Among European languages, Lithuanian has one of the most complex systems for noun endings and declensions. This means that the ending of a noun or adjective can greatly change the overall message of an entire sentence.

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Some materials we translate from Lithuanian into English


  • Legal documents. We have partnered with a legal translation agency whose team regularly translates contracts, articles of incorporation, and insurance policies using the proper terminology.

  • Academic texts. Our team has the necessary experience and familiarity with terminology to translate academic texts across a range of subjects. We’ve worked with graduate students and professors at the University of Vilnius to bring their research to a wider international audience.


Finding the right translation service is essential to making sure your message reaches others the way you intend. You can be certain that we at aim to provide our clients with Lithuanian to English translation services that match their intentions and ideas. Whether you’re in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, or Toronto, our team is ready to help you.


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