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English to Lithuanian Translation Services


With more than three million speakers around the world, Lithuanian is the largest language spoken natively in the Baltic region as well as the official language of Lithuania. If you plan to do business in the area, take advantage of high-quality English to Lithuanian translation from


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Lithuanian is a Balto-Slavic language that’s most closely related to other Baltic languages such as Latvian and Latgalian and more distantly related to Slavic ones such as Belarusian, Serbian, and Polish. Because of its relatively small number of speakers, Lithuanian is sometimes overlooked by translation agencies in favor of larger languages. We, however, make sure to manage translations for languages with smaller populations with the same care and attention to detail.


A language of distinction


Linguists and language experts have had a fixation on Lithuanian for years because of its complex morphology, distinctive grammar, and history. Often, Lithuanian is cited as being one of the most historically conservative languages in Europe, having changed far less throughout history than other languages around it. This conservative streak holds true today. While Lithuanian has been influenced by Polish, Russian, and German, it tends to take on fewer loan words than other languages. This has led to a distinct terminology and lexicon for most abstract notions, whose nuances and meaning can be hard to master.


Some of the materials we translate into Lithuanian


  • Business documents. We work regularly with companies in Lithuania and the rest of the Baltics to translate business documents such as white papers, financial records, and documents of incorporation.

  • Advertising. Advertising always has the greatest effect when it’s done in a person’s mother tongue. We have experience translating documents such as marketing materials, ad copy, and promotions and localizing advertisements for potential customers.

  • Legal documents. We have partnered with a legal translation agency whose team of translators has the experience and familiarity with Lithuanian legal parlance needed to translate legal texts. These include contracts, waivers, patents, and other legal documents. can help you with any of your communication needs in Lithuanian. Whether you’re working to communicate with people in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, or London, we’re ready to provide you with expertly managed English to Lithuanian translation services.


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