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Lao Voiceover Services


People don’t like reading subtitles. They will if they have to, but high-quality narration in a language one understands is always preferable. Not only does it require extra effort to read subtitles, but concentrating on the bottom of the screen all the time means viewers may miss certain visual elements. Besides, text is cold and emotionless—a voiceover offers intricate layers of tone and intonation that convey much more than text could ever hope to. That’s why providing a voiceover for your content is key to success.

Voiceovers are a proven way to add value to just about any type of content, but the idea can seem daunting to content creators. It’s certainly easier to just tack on some subtitles and call it a day. But if engagement and admiration are what you’re aiming for, it’s worth it to invest in a voiceover in the language of your audience. At, we offer professional voiceover services in several different languages, such as Lao, so if you want to blow your Laotian audience away—whether with your audiobook, presentation, documentary, commercial, or other project—work with us. After choosing your favorite Lao narrator, we handle the rest, and at the end, you receive a crisp, clean audio file of your voiceover, ready for immediate implementation.

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A Lao voiceover: Your gateway to Laos

It’s not hard to guess that Lao is the national language of Laos. However, in a country as ethnolinguistically diverse as Laos, that doesn’t mean all Laotians speak the language—in fact, only a little more than half do. Still, Lao is spoken by around 7 million people in Laos and another 23 million in northeastern Thailand, namely the Isan region. It’s further used by small minority communities in Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

If you want a great voiceover in Lao, we can do that—but you need to translate your script into Lao first. If you haven’t done that yet, we can do it for you! It’s important to hire professionals for your Lao translation job because translating from English to Lao can be tricky. While the lack of inflection may make Lao look simple, it results in a need for precision in word order, and ambiguity can easily crop up.

Enjoy the various benefits of a professional voiceover.

It’s quite remarkable just how much a good voiceover can enhance your content. Simply the act of investing in your audience’s enjoyment and comfort by purchasing professional voiceover services makes you and your brand look more professional, but your message is also easier to convey with the added elements of tone and intonation in spoken language. Not just that, but your viewers can pay more attention to the visuals when they don’t have to read subtitles.

Many people in Laos speak French, so you may be wondering if you can get away with simply purchasing a French voiceover. But the best way to target Lao speakers is with a voiceover in Lao. After all, many Laotians don’t speak French, so you’d be alienating a large portion of the population, and most of the 23 million or so Lao speakers in Thailand don’t speak French, either. With a Lao voiceover, you can capture audiences from Vientiane, Savannakhet, Pakxe, and Thakhek to Nakhon Ratchasima, Ubon Ratchathani, Khon Kaen, and Buriram.

If you’re looking for a Lao voiceover, you’ve come to the right place.

Quality matters in a voiceover. It’s not as simple as just reading a script—the narrator needs to speak clearly and use the right intonation, the background needs to be silent, and the audio quality needs to be excellent. Failure in any one of these domains can destroy your voiceover, and you won’t reap any of the many benefits.

At, we work with only the top professionals in the voiceover industry, including the best voice actors across Laos and Isan and top-level audio engineers with the best equipment money can buy. We have experience producing voiceovers for all sorts of content, whether corporate, educational, or for entertainment, and we’d love to leverage our knowledge to help you engage your Lao-speaking audience.

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