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French Voiceover Services


How can you make your text-based video, presentation, film, game, commercial, or other content more impactful? Easy—a French voiceover! While a text-based video can be good, one with a professional voiceover is much better. Your viewers will remember the content of your video better with a voiceover, and they’ll be more engaged and immersed in your entertainment content with a good voiceover. Voiceovers are one of the best ways you can add value to your creative content, and is here to help you do that.

If you want a voiceover in French, you can turn to us. We work with clients worldwide, offering them voiceovers in not only French but also more than 80 other languages. Our voiceover services are available for a number of different project types; our flexibility allows for maximum accommodation. We’ll help you choose the right voice actors for the parts, record the clips professionally, and polish the finished recordings to facilitate your job after receipt. We offer a full package for French voiceover services.

Find out our rates for French voiceover services—message us today.

Find a new, French-speaking audience.

French is one of the biggest languages in the world, with around 76 million native speakers and around 275 million second-language speakers. It’s mostly spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland, but it’s also used as a lingua franca across North and West Africa, where it carries prestige. Le français is an official language in 29 countries but admired in many more—its classification as a Romance language is apt given its reputation as the language of love. French speakers also admire the language and reward those who invest in the French language with increased engagement and loyalty, so a French voiceover is a fantastic way to grow your audience.

Don’t already have a French translation of your text? That’s okay—we have a skilled translation team ready to tackle any sort of content. Your translation must be professional because even the most skilled voice actors can’t help you if the translation is sloppy. And French can be a difficult language to translate, given the grammatical gender and complicated verbal conjugation, including tricky declensions like the subjunctive. Our translators are the right professionals for this job.

Voiceovers are a key method for engaging your audience.

People connect better to voice than text. So commissioning a professional French voiceover will increase engagement with your content, allowing viewers to come away with a more positive impression of your presentation, product demo, or commercial. If your content is geared toward entertainment, a voiceover will help viewers lose themselves in your creation and enjoy their experience.

We recommend getting an English voiceover if you’re targeting an English audience, but expanding your content internationally is another important way to improve your reach. Getting a voiceover in a language as international as French is a great way to do this, allowing you to connect with audiences in Europe, Canada, and Africa. So whether you want to reach people in Paris, Montreal, or Kinshasa, you can rely on for a high-quality French voiceover.

We offer the best in translation and voiceover expertise.

A French voiceover can provide significant value to your creative content, but only if it’s well done. Don’t make the mistake of hiring amateurs to produce a subpar voiceover. That might have a more negative impact than not purchasing a voiceover at all. Bad voiceovers are annoying and distracting, and they detract from the content and message of your video. They pull viewers out of the immersion and leave a bad impression. So if you want a French voiceover, look to As industry experts, we know how to create high-quality, impactful voiceovers that drive audience growth.

We’ve carefully selected our team from candidates around the world with extensive experience in the voiceover industry. Our team members have worked on many different types of projects, from corporate presentations and videos to entertaining films and video games. We can help you find voice actors for whatever dialect of French you’d like, whether that’s France French, Swiss French, or Canadian French. is your key to the Francophone world.

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