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Khmer Voiceover Services


One of the most powerful inventions throughout human history has been written language. The ability to convert speech into arbitrary symbols and convey information to others, traversing distance and time, is nothing short of amazing. But verbal communication remains the most personable and impactful. That’s why content creators, from film and commercial producers to online video creators and video game developers, invest in high-quality voiceovers for their work. The human voice adds an important missing element to text-only content.

Those seeking a professional voiceover to upgrade their content can find high-quality voiceover services in a number of languages at We’re proud to offer Khmer voiceover services to the people of Cambodia and beyond who wish to take their videos, presentations, and more to the next level. We’ll guide you through the process of casting the right Khmer voice actors, record your script professionally, and edit the resulting audio files for quick, smooth implementation into your content. 

Khmer voiceover services can be affordable—just ask our team for a free quote today.

Make a splash in Cambodia with a Khmer voiceover.

Khmer, sometimes called Cambodian, is an Austroasiatic language predominantly spoken in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia. It has around 16 million speakers throughout Cambodia and parts of Thailand and Vietnam and boasts a long, rich history of written language. Despite the similarity of the Khmer script to the Thai and Lao scripts, the languages are not even remotely related—Khmer is instead related to Vietnamese. However, unlike Vietnamese and the rest of its neighbors, it’s not a tonal language.

At, we offer not only Khmer voiceover services but also Khmer translation services, so we can translate your script into Khmer for the voiceover. Khmer grammar may initially sound simple—no gender, no case endings, no conjugations, and no inflections—but the lack of grammatical markers can make the language harder to understand. Using the correct honorifics is also crucial. Therefore, an amateur Khmer translation simply won’t do.

Discover the many benefits of professional voiceovers.

If you want a quick way to boost your reputation and better engage your audience, all you need is a professional voiceover. It’s a monetary investment, sure, but it can really pay off by drawing in more viewers and giving them a more enjoyable experience—and helping them better remember your message.

Many creators simply stop at an English voiceover, but it’s important to remember that most people around the world don’t speak English—and that’s particularly true in Cambodia. A Khmer voiceover helps connect you with 16 million people in Southeast Asia, from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and beyond. is here to help you both translate your script into Khmer and record a professional Khmer voiceover.

Our team is composed of Cambodia’s best voiceover talent.

Don’t trust amateurs with your Khmer voiceover. A poor-quality voiceover can have wide-ranging negative impacts on your work, including irritating your audience and lowering their overall impression of you and your brand. The benefits of voiceovers are manifold, but they’re only afforded to content with high-quality voiceovers. So, it’s worth it to invest in a quality Khmer voiceover, and that’s precisely what we provide.

Since our voice actors and other audio experts have done work for a wide variety of projects in diverse domains, they have the multifaceted experience necessary to deliver the high-quality Khmer voiceover services you’re looking for. We have experts who’ve worked on product demonstrations, dubs of hit movies, and video games—we can cover it all. Essentially, we’re your one-stop shop for Khmer voiceovers.

Let’s discuss what you’re looking for from a Khmer voiceover. Just send us a message to get started.

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