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Vietnamese Voiceover Services


What’s even better than a great text-based video? One with a professional voiceover! People relate better to voice. After all, our linguistic capabilities have developed around voice for millennia. That’s why professional voiceovers are so powerful for all sorts of creations, whether it’s an educational online video, an informative commercial or product demo, or an immersive video game. With a voiceover, you can help viewers engage with your content, which can increase their enjoyment and make a stronger impression on them.

At, you have plenty of languages to choose from: we offer full-package voiceover services for a wide range of languages. One of them is Vietnamese, a prominent and widely spoken language in Vietnam. With our services, you can engage a new audience in Vietnam with professional Vietnamese voice actors, state-of-the-art recording equipment, and expertly polished audio clips to maximally facilitate the implementation process for you. We walk with you every step of the way, helping you secure the right voiceover to grow your influence in Vietnam.

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Millions of Vietnamese viewers are waiting.

While Vietnam may often be overshadowed by neighboring China, don’t forget that Vietnam is a powerful, populous nation. Its language, Vietnamese (or tiếng Việt, as locals call it), is spoken by around 90 million people, mostly in Vietnam but with sizeable Vietnamese communities spanning the globe. Vietnamese is the most widely spoken Austroasiatic language, vastly bigger than runner-up Khmer. Naturally, it’s an official language in Vietnam, but the Czech Republic also recognizes it as a minority language. If you want to cater to an audience in Vietnam, purchasing Vietnamese voiceover services is wise. After all, the Vietnamese people are proud of their unique language.

Since our team contains skilled translators, we can even translate your content into Vietnamese if you haven’t done that yet. Vietnamese is a tricky language, with minimal inflection: it has no plurals or case markers, and tense-marking particles are only optional. It also tends to omit pronouns when they’re not necessary. This can make translating into Vietnamese a challenging endeavor, which is why it’s crucial to leave this job to pros like the translators on our team.

What can a professional voiceover do for you?

Adding a professional voiceover to your content is one of the best ways to increase its efficacy. Viewers can immerse themselves more easily in content with a high-quality voiceover, whether it’s a game, movie, or informative video. They can retain spoken information better, which is important for commercials and presentations. Importantly, voiceovers also allow viewers to pay more attention to images and graphics in your work since they don’t have to read subtitles or text.

English voiceovers are a good idea, but if you’re catering to an international audience, you have to consider the relatively low English proficiency around the world. If you’re looking at cultivating an audience in Vietnam, the best strategy is to use a Vietnamese voiceover. This way, you can easily and effectively engage people from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City—with just one translation and voiceover team. At, we provide all the voiceover services you might need to ensure your Vietnamese voiceover achieves your intended goals.

Our team has been specially curated to feature the foremost voiceover experts.

Don’t think that any voiceover is better than no voiceover. In fact, a bad voiceover is often worse than no voiceover because a poor-quality voiceover annoys, distracts, and reflects poorly on your company or brand and your commitment to excellence. Voiceovers can do wonders for your content, but they must be high quality. So be sure to invest in a competent, professional voiceover team like ours to make sure you reap all the benefits of a Vietnamese voiceover.

From company presentations and product demonstrations to popular cartoons and indie video games, our voiceover team has worked on a diverse range of projects. Their experience is deep and expansive, and they know how to tailor voiceovers to best jive with your content and message. They know how to capture the attention of Vietnamese viewers and immerse them in your content. That’s the power of a high-quality Vietnamese voiceover.

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