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Remote and On-Site German Interpretation Services


Professional German interpretation services, available both remotely and on site

Did you know that there are more than 7000 languages spoken around the world? That’s way more than most people think, and while English is the most widely spoken, with 1.35 billion total worldwide speakers, most of the world still doesn’t speak the so-called “universal language.” So, interpretation services are often key to global communication. 

Take Germany, for example. Germany has one of the highest English proficiency rates for a country that doesn’t speak English as a first language, and even in Germany, much of the population still doesn’t speak English. So, if you need to converse with German speakers for businessacademicofficial, or personal reasons, you may want a professional German interpreter to ensure seamless communication. At, we can set you up with a professional German interpreter either remotely or in person—it’s your choice.


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German: a language of dialects

German is the native language of Germany, Austria, most of Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. While the standardized Hochdeutsch dialect unites most of Germany, at the local level, people speak different dialects all over the country—and sometimes, these dialects are divergent enough that speakers can’t understand each other. Cross-border communication is even harder—Swiss German is subtitled when broadcast on German television. To ensure smooth German interpretation, it’s important to know which dialects will be used.

German is one of the most closely related languages to English, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. They’re both Germanic languages, but German retains the more complicated grammatical structures that English lost over the last millennium, including grammatical gender. German also uses noun cases to indicate the grammatical relationships of words, marking case on articles and adjectives (and occasionally the nouns themselves). The language also incorporates a unique word order—word order is relatively free apart from the position of the verb, which must come in the second position in independent clauses and at the end in dependent clauses. All these complications illustrate why hiring a professional for German interpretation is so crucial.

Choose between remote interpretation or on-site interpretation services for German.

Here at, we provide German interpretation services both remotely and in person, so you can select the service that works best for you. If you’re participating in a call, remote interpretation services may work well, but if you need German interpretation services on the road, on-site interpretation is more appropriate. In-person interpretation also allows for more expressive body language. 

We’d love to send a German interpreter to meet you wherever you are in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, or any major global city. Regardless of your location, we’ll set you up with an interpretation professional fluent in the dialect you need, ready to help you strike a new deal with German business associates or discover important academic findings by interviewing Austrian subjects. If you’re somewhere in the world where we don’t have interpreters readily available, we can even fly someone out to meet you—for an increased charge, of course.

If, instead, your communication can take place online or over the phone, we can provide remote German interpretation services as well. Just add our interpreter to your call—whether it’s over Zoom, Skype, or another telecommunications app or over a traditional landline telephone—and we can help you converse with German speakers. Since our interpreters live all over the world, we can accommodate all time zones, making remote German interpretation services a convenient option.

Is consecutive or simultaneous German interpretation better for you?

It’s important to determine whether you require consecutive or simultaneous German interpretation services, since not all interpreters are trained to provide both. Simultaneous interpretation is the more demanding version, since the interpreter must interpret speech while the speaker is still speaking. If you’re running a major event or conference in Germany, we can make sure your German-speaking audience understands your content well (vice versa for English audiences of German-language presentations). Consecutive interpretation, conversely, is well suited to back-and-forth dialogues, where the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish and translates the information one or two sentences at a time.

Specialized German interpretation services regardless of your industry

Often, clients in need of German interpretation services work in specific fields that incorporate technical jargon. Don’t worry, we have interpreters from a variety of backgrounds who can handle esoteric subject matter—all you have to do is let us know what you need. We also cover a huge range of German dialects, so we’re confident we can cater to your unique German interpretation needs, no matter what they are.

If you want to get started with German interpretation services, contact us today!

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