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Stockholm, Sweden, Professional Translation Services


Vill du ha översättningar av hög kvalitet?

Here at, we’re serious about giving Stockholm
professionals, academicians, and novelists translations worthy of their high-quality work. The colorful, distinctly Scandinavian buildings of Gamla Stan and the breathtaking warship at the Vasa Museum reinforce our dedication to and passion for providing Swedes with truly high-quality translations in whatever languages they need.

Sweden is a cosmopolitan, prosperous country—with a relatively small population. That means that the number of people who speak Swedish worldwide is remarkably low, and therefore any document in Swedish has a limited reach. We want to help you break down linguistic barriers and connect with speakers of other languages across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world. While the technology behind automated translation is impressive, it can't produce high-quality translations that accurately present your ideas, with all the nuances intact, in another language.


Assuming you’re seeking professional, high-quality, accurate translations that read smoothly and naturally, the only real solution is to hire experienced professional translators. Our team boasts years of experience translating into and out of Swedish, German, Korean, and more than 100 other languages, promising high quality no matter which language you choose. We can do subtitling, literary translation, and lots of other specialties, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us, no matter what your translation needs are.

We can provide a free quote for our professional translation services.


When it comes to translation, whatever you want, we offer.

To properly serve all those in Stockholm as well as throughout Sweden, be they in the
business, education, or literary worlds, we’ve carefully brought together the best translation experts in a variety of translation specialties. Our mission is to make sure you receive the best translation services you could ever wish for, no matter what you need.


  • Openness is the backbone of academia. Academic discoveries should be shared with the world to further the expansion of human knowledge, but with the majority of the world unable to understand Swedish, some of the groundbreaking discoveries at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and Karolinska Institutet go largely unnoticed without translation. Let us help. Through our scholarly translation services, we can help you share your work in economics, sociology, or another field with academics around the world. Our academic translation team has translators who are experts in these fields themselves, so don’t worry about them not understanding your technical jargon.


  • Stockholm has a thriving business sector, from Norrmalm to Gamla Stan. Stockholm’s business owners work hard, and we’d like to help them gain more sales for all their hard work through business translation. From business reports to press releases and corporate blog posts, business translation can transform your company and bring you new levels of success.


  • Sweden is a mystical land with stories to tell. If you want your book to be the next Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you’ll need the help of professional literary translators who can expertly tell your story in the same style and tone in a different language. We can translate mystery novels, thrillers, creative nonfiction, and more, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


  • Whether they work in pathology, emergency medicine, or internal medicine, medical professionals often require high-quality medical translation to improve the level of care they provide to patients. To help Stockholm’s healthcare providers and their patients, we’ve begun working with a top-quality medical translation firm whose translators are experts in a number of different medical sectors.


  • From estates and trusts to tort law and beyond, hardly anything about law is easy, and it gets even more complicated when working internationally. Legal translation is a job only for the most experienced legal translation pros—which is exactly what you’ll find at the legal translation firm with which we’ve partnered. Swedish to English, English to Finnish, and many more language combinations are available from our partner, as well as unwavering confidentiality with every order.


  • Every year, tens of thousands of people immigrate to a new life in Sweden. If you’re in the process of establishing a new home in Stockholm and need a certified translation of your birth certificate, medical records, or another official documents, check out our certified translation services. We implement a rigorous system of quality assurance that ensures an error-free translation.


  • Want to open up your website, whether it’s corporate or personal, to the world? Let us help. We have extensive experience in website translation and would be happy to boost your traffic numbers.

Why not reap the benefits of professional translation today?


Only the best translators make it onto our team.

What makes a great translator? We believe it’s someone with extensive experience, skills, and passion who also possesses specialized knowledge in other fields. We’ve searched the entire world to populate our team with exactly this type of translation professional.

Wherever you are in Stockholm—or anywhere in Sweden, for that matter—we’re ready to serve your translation needs. We can’t leave the 942,370
novelists, students, business leaders, and others in Stockholm without the high-quality translations they need to further their careers and initiatives.  Flexible, reliable, and fast: there’s a reason we’re the number-one translation agency in Sweden.

Want to know more? Contact us to ask questions or get a free quote!


See what we can do, free.

If you’re having any doubts, we want to put your mind at ease. Feel free to request a free, no-obligation translation sample to test us. We’re not worried, because most potential clients are so impressed by our samples that they immediately want to place paid orders.

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