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Louisville, Kentucky, Professional Translation Services

Experience and accuracy are not just empty promises.

The complexities of translation cannot be over-stressed. Every language has its own set of subtleties that only a trained individual can understand.  The team at fully understands the intricacies of different languages and how one mistranslated word or phrase can turn one’s intended meaning into meaninglessness. As the leading online translation service in Louisville, Kentucky, and throughout the country, we create accurate translations for
business professionals, writers, graduate students, and many others from Bardstown Road to Churchill Downs.

We all know that computerized translation doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to accuracy—and indeed, these translation programs, however fascinating and useful in situations in that don't call for high quality, fail to capture the nuances embedded in human language. That's why you need a skilled human translation team to deliver true quality. Our team members are skilled, educated, and thoughtful people. They offer translation in more than 100 languages, including
Romanian, Chinese, and Javanese.

Our translators have the skills and dedication to their craft that ensures that your project is completed with 100% accuracy, all while preserving your tone and style.

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How can we best serve your needs?

We offer the best translation services in all of Louisville, and all throughout the United States. Just like Louisville’s famous son Muhammad Ali, we are well trained and believe in our skills to translate your
academic, professional, or creative content to your specifications in these areas:


  • Academic translation. With colleges, including the University of Louisville or Jefferson Community and Technical College becoming more global, the need for academic translation continues to grow year after year. Whether you need a conference paper or instructional material translated, you’ll be matched up with a skilled translator who is familiar with your subject.


  • Business translation. All over Derby City, we work with professionals who wish to expand their reach well beyond the continental United States. From marketing material to staff recruiting, we have the expertise to help break down those language barriers and help grow your business.


  • Literary translation. Traditional print publishing is still around, but the literary world has been revolutionized by digital communications. That creates more need for translation into other languages. Our translators help writers bring their creative works—novels, children’s books, non-fiction works, and more—to global readers.


  • Medical translation. International communication in the healthcare world is also rapidly changing. Because of the highly specialized nature of healthcare, we work with a firm that has the best medical translators: they can work in dozens of areas, such as medical genetics, neurology, and pathology.


  • Legal translation. We’ve teamed up with a legal translation firm to handle translation services in the areas of contracts, civil litigation, criminal cases, and much more. They fully understand American and foreign legal terminology and the critical need for confidentiality. Together, these professionals translate most any language pair, such as English to Japanese or Italian to English.


  • Certified translation. Our team of translators can also help with essential documents, such as marriage licenses, immigration papers, or driver’s licenses, that are held to a higher standard for government acceptance. Quality checks are a mandatory part of this translation process.


  • Website translation. Whether your website is for business or personal purposes, our skilled human translators will help your content reach international audiences.

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We’re confident that we can provide the best translation services for the thousands of translation needs in the Louisville area. As this venerable city’s globalization grows along with that of its nine sister cities in places including
China, Ghana, France, and Germany, its need for translation services will continue to grow.

By working with the more than 620,000 people in the Gateway to the South, including
businesses, legal and health professionals, writers, and students and teachers, hopes to be a partner in their continued success and growth.

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Even those famous Louisville Sluggers don’t always hit the ball on the first swing. So if we haven’t fully convinced you yet, we offer a free sample of our work. We look forward to hearing from you!

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