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Baltimore, Maryland, Professional Translation Services


Are you looking for an experienced translation team?

If you are looking for a translation service that can produce high-quality translations for any type of content, trust, the top online translation provider in the Baltimore area. From Inner Harbor to Downtown Baltimore, we provide Charm City’s 615,000 citizens with translation service that is second to none.

Who uses our service? Everyone from Fort McHenry to the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower—business leaders, researchers, writers, and anyone else with a need to translate content. Our translators can provide everything from
general translation to medical translation and all translation tasks in between. With the ability to translate content into more than 100 languages, we are confident in our ability to handle your task.

What you get with our service is a human translator with years of experience, superior language skills, and wide-ranging knowledge, a trio of qualities that other providers can’t beat. You get a quality product that you would not see if you used automated translation. Computer software cannot pick up on personal style, appropriate tone, or unique terminology. Our translators, on the other hand, can maintain everything that you bring to the content—style, tone, terms—when they translate it. They are also skilled at translating language pairs, such
English to Somali and Burmese to English, which ensures the highest level of accuracy when translating from one language to another.  

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Do you have a specific translation need?

The number of
translation services we offer ensures that we can translate any piece of content, from academic to professional, from creative to legal.

  • We work with college professors in all fields of study to translate their journal and research articles. Faculty at the University of Baltimore, Morgan State University, and Johns Hopkins University use our academic translators for their articles on communication, psychology, or any other field of study. When we assign translators, we make sure to assign them to jobs in whose subjects they have expertise.


  • We work with Charm City businesses to translate their important print and digital documents (such as HR manuals, marketing brochures, and websites). Translations help them extend their reach into new markets and potentially establish a global presence.


  • We work with writers to translate their literary works—novels, screenplays, short stories, non-fiction pieces, memoirs, and more. Our translators work in all genres, too—romance, comedy, western, science fiction, and thrillers, to name a few.


  • We work with the Baltimore healthcare community to translate medical copy. By partnering with a reliable firm who specializes in medical translation, we are able to provide translation for text in any medical specialty—obstetrics and gynecology, urology, physical therapy, and more.


  • Working with a partner firm, we help the Baltimore legal community translate documents and casework in human rights, copyright, intellectual property, or any other type of law.


  • We provide certified translation services so you can get birth certificates, diplomas, and other official documents translated for immigration or other purposes. Each translation undergoes an extensive quality check to ensure its accuracy.


  • We provide website translation for businesses as well as individuals, no matter the size of the site.

All you need to do is send your content to our team. Once they have it, they will get to work producing a high-quality translation for you.

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Do you value accuracy and professionalism?

Our global network of translators always focuses on accuracy and meeting the specified needs of the content provider. Whether we are translating text into
Portuguese, Afrikaans, Hebrew, or any one of dozens of other languages, we always apply the same level of skill and careful attention. We want you to achieve the goal you have for your translated content, whether that is making it accessible to a multilingual member of your family or to millions beyond the English-speaking world.

Are you ready to introduce your content to a new audience through translation? Place your translation order today.

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Judge for yourself.

In order for you to feel confident in our service, we will provide you with a sample of our work at no charge. Order your free translation sample today.

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