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English to Canadian French Translation Services


Even though there are more than nine million French speakers throughout Canada, most services don’t provide translation specifically for Canadian French. This leaves out a large potential readership in provinces such as Quebec and New Brunswick, where French is widely spoken. While the French varieties in Europe and Canada are similar, having your message in genuine and natural Canadian French can help you reach and retain a new audience in North America. can make you stand out from the rest, providing you with tailored English to Canadian French translation services.


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Although European French and Canadian French are similar, there are some key differences that make using the right translation service important when aiming to bring your content to a Canadian audience. While the grammar of both varieties is nearly identical, the word choice can vary significantly. Words on one side of the Atlantic may have an entirely different meaning on the other. Additionally, while both European French and Canadian French may use anglicisms, they often use them in different ways. Similarly, the gender of nouns can differ between the two varieties, such as with the word “job,” which is considered masculine in France and feminine in Canada. Of course, you won’t have to worry about any of that, as our team of translators will make sure your message is translated properly into Canadian French.


Translation Services We Offer


  • Business translation. We can help you break new ground in the French Canadian business world. Our team can support you with translated marketing reports and business plans as well as advertisements, product reviews, and more.


  • Website translation. Be sure your message is available online in Canadian French. Our team has years of experience working with business pages, ecommerce sites, blogs, and other types of content.


No matter your project or enterprise, we can help you reach a wider audience in Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, or anywhere else. Having access to a reliable and ready English to Canadian French translation service can help you garner and expand your readership.


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