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English to Tigrinya Translation Services


Tigrinya has about 11 million speakers, most of whom live in the Horn of Africa, although a large Tigrinya-speaking diaspora lives around the world. Today, the language is widely used in Northern Ethiopia, especially the Tigray region, and is also the most widely spoken language in Eritrea. And although Eritrea is a multiethnic state, Tigrinya serves as a lingua franca for many people. All this means translating your message into Tigrinya can carry it to new audiences.


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Tigrinya belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family, alongside Arabic and Hausa. More specifically, it’s an Ethiopic language belonging to the same branch as Amharic and Tigre. Verbs in Tigrinya conjugate according to grammatical number, person, and the gender of the subject. As with Arabic and Hebrew, these verbs are built on consonant-based word stems that use vowels to convey grammatical information such as person and tense.


Tigrinya also has a complex system for prepositions, wherein they can be stacked to build compound forms. Of course, our experienced translators are familiar with these details and know how to translate a wide array of materials accurately into Tigrinya.



Some Materials We Translate into Tigrinya


  • Business materials. Let our team help expand your business in the Horn of Africa by translating your business materials, such as marketing content, product information, brochures, testimonials, and more.


  • Web content. Reach your audience wherever they are with online content that’s been expertly translated into Tigrinya, including informational websites, phone apps, retail pages, product reviews, and more.


Grow your readership in the Horn of Africa with English to Tigrinya translation services you can rely on. Our team can support you and your project whether you want to reach an audience in Asmara, Mekelle, Keren, Dekemhare, or elsewhere.


Learn more about what we can do for you and get a free quote for your project by sending us a message.

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