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English to Amharic Translation Services


You might be surprised to know that Ethiopia is one of the fastest-growing economies today, with an expected average GDP growth rate of 7.4%. Some businesses are looking to take advantage of this opportunity, whereas tourists are flocking to Ethiopia for the love of nature and adventure, hoping to explore the Simien Mountains, the Blue Nile Falls, and Lake Tana.


Whether you have plans of going to Ethiopia or expanding your client base there, one thing is for sure: You need an English to Amharic translation service to prepare your travel, legal, or business documents.


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Why translate from English to Amharic?


Amharic is the second most popular Semitic language across the globe. Semitic languages are those spoken in North Africa and the Middle East, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Ethiopia made Amharic its official language in the fourteenth century. About 0.37% of the world’s population speaks this language. That is about 25 million Amharic native speakers around the world, mostly living in Ethiopia, but others live in Egypt, Eritrea, Sweden, and Israel. offers excellent English to Amharic translation services for all people who need it. It doesn’t matter if you’re from New York or Los Angeles, Chicago or Boston. When you decide to visit a friend or do business in Ethiopia, just send us your travel or business documents, and we’ll translate them for you with no hassle.


Why choose for English to Amharic translation?


We will match your project with the best translator based on his or her expertise or area of specialization. We have lawyers, financial advisers, businesspeople, doctors, engineers, IT experts, and others on our team who are qualified to provide English to Amharic translation services. We guarantee that you will pay only for quality and accurately translated documents. Here’s a partial list of documents can translate for you:


  • If you’re establishing a business in Ethiopia, you need Amharic translations of financial statements, business plans, corporate bylaws, bank statements, lease agreements, and employment contracts.


  • To make sure you travel safely, we will translate your passport, permits, invitation letter, birth certificate, or marriage certificate as needed.


  • If you’re sent on a medical mission to Ethiopia, our partner firm can provide Amharic translations of medical materials such as health posters, drug leaflets, exam forms, and checklists.


  • If you’re going to Ethiopia for research purposes or to transfer knowledge and technology, your academic materials such as books, reports, surveys, product data sheets, and presentations will be more helpful when translated to Amharic.


Choose to provide the English to Amharic translation you need.


Discuss your project and get a free translation quote.

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