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English to Oromo Translation Services


With more than 35 million speakers, Oromo is the fourth-most widely spoken indigenous language in Africa after Arabic, Hausa, and Swahili. Most Oromo speakers live around the Horn of Africa in Northern Kenya, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, where Oromo is the most widely spoken language. Likewise, it’s the primary language of the Oromo people and in the Ethiopian state of Oromia. Collectively, this means translating your message into Oromo will make it accessible to a sizable population in Africa.


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Oromo is an Afro-Asiatic language like Arabic and Amharic. In particular, it belongs to the Kushitic branch, making it closely related to Somali. This means nouns have a grammatical case and change their endings depending on their relationships within a sentence. Interestingly, verbs in Oromo have more categories for agency than verbs in English do, which can make translation into Oromo particularly challenging.


At, our team has years of experience working with the intricacies of Oromo, producing translations that sound natural while mirroring the message of the original.



Materials We Translate from English into Oromo


  • Legal documents. We understand the expertise and attention required to translate legal documents. We partner with Oromo legal translators who work with contracts, deeds, affidavits, letters of intent, and much more.


  • Websites. Reaching your audience online is more important than ever. For that, we manage translations for blogs, informational sites, e-commerce pages, and any other web content you might need in Oromo.


  • Business materials. We can help you expand your enterprise into the Oromo-speaking world with translated brochures, product information, customer reviews, business plans, and more.


If you want to reach a new audience of Oromo speakers in Addis Ababa, Adama, Jimma, or anywhere else, we can help you. At, we are dedicated to providing clients worldwide with accurate translations tailored to their projects’ needs.


To learn more or obtain a free quote, message us now.

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