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English to Latvian Translation Services


As the Baltic region continues to grow economically, its main languages, which include Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian, are worth investing in. You can find the offices of multinational companies such as Microsoft, Accenture, HVB Bank, and Tele2 in the Latvian cities of Riga and Daugavpils. To gain ground in one of the fastest-growing marketplaces globally, invest in excellent English to Latvian translation services.


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Latvian is a Balto-Slavic language in the Baltic language group, making it closely related to Lithuanian and Latgalian and more distantly related to Slavic languages such as Ukrainian, Croatian, and Polish. Over two million people in the Baltic region speak Latvian. Most of them live in Latvia, where it’s the sole official language. For a language of its size, Latvian is unique in that it has a relatively large proportion of non-native speakers. This is an outcome of Latvia’s relatively large immigrant populations from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.


While many Latvians speak a second language such as German, Russian, or English, using Latvian can go a long way toward build a sense of trust and establishing credibility among its speakers. While other translation services may overlook the Baltic languages, at, we recognize the importance of having documents available in languages like Latvian.


What documents do we provide English to Latvian translations for?

  • Legal documents. We work with a team of translators who specialize in ensuring your legal documents are translated with precision. These documents include contracts, patents, and employment agreements.

  • Business documents. Let the team ensure your business documents are translated according to your specifications. We work with business plans, marketing materials, and product information.


Do you need English to Latvian translation services for something else? can still help, whether you’re trying to reach an audience in Riga, Liepāja, Daugavpils, or London.


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