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English to Kirundi Translation Services


Kirundi is the national language of Burundi, with the majority of the nation’s population speaking it as their mother tongue. Additionally, Kirundi is widely spoken in parts of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The language has more than 11 million speakers throughout East Africa. However, the majority of translation agencies don’t provide reliable English to Kirundi translation services. While French is also an official language of Burundi and is widely used in the country, you cannot rely on a French translation alone if you want to truly connect with your audience.


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Kirundi (also known as Rundi or Ikirundi) is a Bantu language like Swahili and Zulu that has a particularly close relationship with languages such as Kinyarwanda and Ha. The language has a large system of noun classes (similar to noun genders), with the noun often taking the primary focus of a phrase or sentence. Likewise, the language has an intricate system of classifying nouns that includes more than 15 different genders! As difficult as it is to translate from English to Kirundi, at, we have the expertise required to translate texts across different domains.


Kirundi Translation Services We Offer

  • Localization. Make sure all your digital content is attractive and easy to absorb for clients in Burundi and nearby countries. We manage translations for software, apps, online games, and other media.

  • Business translation. For those trying to reach a new customer base in Burundi, we manage Kirundi-language translations for ad campaigns, brochures, pamphlets, and other materials that promote your business.

  • Website translation. To reach Burundi’s growing online audience, we work with website copy for governments, e-commerce businesses, and more.


If you need to reach a Kirundi-speaking audience, our translators are ready to assist you. Let us help you take your message to a new audience in Bujumbura, Gitega, Muyinga, Ngozi, or anywhere else.


To tell us about your Kirundi translation needs and receive a free quote, message us.

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