K’iche’ to English Translation Services

When agencies offer translation services for languages in Central and South America, they are normally limited to only Spanish. TranslationServices.com, on the other hand, is proud to offer K’iche’-to-English translation services by a team of qualified and experienced translators. By providing translations to English, the global language of commerce, we help make K’iche’ material available to audiences around the world.



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Our team of translators respect and understand the challenges that come with translating from K’iche’ into English. We understand that the language’s extensively used difrasismo (metaphors made of word pairs) have to be rendered carefully into English to not lose their meaning or nuance. In addition to grammar, translating K’iche’ comes with other difficulties—for instance, K’iche’ displays a substantial amount of dialectal variation, with some linguists arguing that some should be considered separate languages. Additionally, the language has traditionally used three different orthographic conventions in the Latin alphabet. Despite these variations, our team has extensive experience working with these idiosyncrasies in the K’iche’ language and can provide high-quality translation services for a range of documents and materials.


Materials We Translate from K’iche’ to English


  • Literary translations. Alongside the world-famous Popol Vuh, the K’iche’ language has a rich stock of original works that remain untranslated and thus unknown outside of Central America. Our team can manage your English translations for short stories, poems, songs, folktales, and more.

  • Historical documents. For researchers investigating the region, we provide translations of historical texts, whether they’re written in any of the three historic orthographic styles or a variant.


Whether you need our K’iche’-to-English translation services in Sololá, Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, or El Quiché, our team can assist you. Let our years of experience and professional services take the uncertainty out of your translation project. If you’d like a free quote or want to know what we can do for your project, message us now.