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English to Fula Translation Services


Fula, also known as Fulani, Fulfulde, or Peulh, is one of the most widely spoken languages throughout West Africa. With more than 65 million speakers, it’s a regional lingua franca, alongside Hausa and Arabic. Large populations of Fula speakers live in Gambia, Burkina Faso, Sudan, and Sierra Leone. Fula also has millions of speakers in Guinea and Senegal, where it’s used as an official language. This gives Fula one of the largest geographic ranges on the continent, so you can reach a huge audience with a well-adapted and reliable English to Fula translation service.


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Linguists classify Fula as a Niger-Congo language like Swahili and Zulu. More specifically, it’s a Senegambian language that’s closely related to Wolof and Serer. As such, Fula has one of the largest systems of noun classes, with about 25 genders in total. Furthermore, its grammar includes both inclusive and exclusive pronouns. Interestingly, Fula is written in several different Latin-based alphabets depending on the country where it’s used. For example, Fula speakers use the Pan-Nigerian Alphabet in Nigeria and the Guinean Languages Alphabet in Guinea. This means Fula translators need to be fluent in different writing systems depending on the target audience. Thankfully, our translators are up to the task of transforming your message accurately into Fula for a range of materials.


Materials We Translate from English to Fula


  • Business materials. For any enterprises that want to broaden their audience in West Africa, we translate business materials such as product labels and information, brochures, marketing materials, and more.

  • Digital content. Make your online content available to more than 65 million speakers. We work with personal and corporate blogs, informational and educational sites, retail pages, and other web content. can assist with your project whether you want to reach a broader audience in Bamako, Kano, Niamey, Ballou, or anywhere else. Our team understands the process behind faithfully translating a text to mirror the message of the original, producing a high-quality translation in Fula (Peulh) that you can rely on.

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