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English to Southern Quechua Translation Services

Southern Quechua

Southern Quechua, also sometimes called Qichwa or Ruma Simi, is well known as the language of the Incan Empire. Today, it’s the third-most widely spoken language throughout South America, and with nearly 7 million speakers in the Andes region of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, it’s also the most widely spoken indigenous language on the continent. The language holds official status in both Bolivia and Peru. Though many Quechuan people speak Spanish, using a Southern Quechua translation service will go a long way in appealing to this large population on a personal level.


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Faithfully translating English into Southern Quechua can be particularly difficult. To form words, Quechuan uses an elaborate system of adding suffixes onto a root word. Each suffix adds its own subtle meaning that can greatly alter the feeling or sense of a word or even an entire sentence. Another particularly tricky aspect of Southern Quechua grammar is the use of evidentiality: In Southern Quechua, speakers must express whether they know a piece of information directly, second-hand, or through inference. As difficult as these features may be to convey accurately in English, at, our team is up to the task for a wide range of materials.


We Translate a Variety of Materials into Southern Quechua


  • Web content. In recent years, more material has been appearing on the Internet in Southern Quechua as more speakers choose to engage online in their own language. Let us help you distinguish yourself from the competition with English to Southern Quechua translations for e-commerce sites, blogs, online advertisements, and more.

  • Localized content. Provide your users with digital materials translated into Southern Quechua, including apps, digital interfaces, and games.


Let our team take your project to a new audience in Cusco, La Paz, Juliaco, Puno, and elsewhere with our English to Southern Quechua translation services. Likewise, let us tailor your translation to the specific requirements you have in mind.


Whatever your project, message us now to receive a free quote for Southern Quechua translation services.

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