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English to Ancash Quechua Translation Services

Ancash Quechua

Ancash Quechua (also called Huaylay or Waylay) is spoken in Ancash, Northwest Peru. With nearly one million speakers, Ancash Quechua is one of the most widely spoken indigenous languages in the country. While Spanish is the most widely used language in Peru, communication with a new audience is always more effective in their native language. Working with a skilled English to Ancash Quechua translation service can help you connect more deeply with this segment of the Peruvian population.


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As the name suggests, Ancash Quechua is part of the Quechuan language family. It’s related to Southern Quechua and Kichwa and shares an especially close relationship with Wanka, which is spoken in the department of Junin in West-Central Peru.


The grammar, syntax, and semantics of Ancash Quechua are quite different from those of Indo-European languages. For instance, Ancash Quechua has five different verbal suffixes that express evidentiality. In other words, a verb in Ancash Quechua must express how the speaker knows a piece of information as well as how certain he or she is of it. Additionally, the language uses a range of suffixes to turn words into nouns or verbs. Using these correctly depends on grammar, register, and context. It’s not easy to take all of these factors into account, so providing accurate translations into Ancash Quechua takes skill and experience. Thankfully, our translators are prepared to accurately convey your message.


Materials We Translate into Ancash Quechua


  • Online content. Our team translates a range of digital and online content, including government websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, and apps.

  • Surveys. We provide Ancash Quechua translation services for academic, business, and government surveys among the people of Northwest Peru.


Whether you want to get the attention of a new audience in Huaraz, Chimbote, or Casma, our experienced translation team can assist you. We aim to provide our clients with reliable translation services that match the needs of their projects.


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