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Azerbaijani to English Translation Services


Alongside Armenian and Georgian, Azerbaijani is one of the three major languages of the Caucasus region. However, to gain exposure on an international level, it’s necessary to translate your material into English. For that, you need a reliable translation service with years of experience to make sure your project can be seen and properly understood by a global audience.


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The Azerbaijani language (also sometimes called Azeri) is a member of the Turkic language family. This puts it in the same group as Turkish, Uyghur, and Kazakh. Like other Turkic languages, Azerbaijani is incredibly nuanced, with words generally consisting of a root and several suffixes placed one after another. This means high-quality translation of Azerbaijani requires an in-depth understanding of not only these features but also how to translate them accurately into English. At, we have years of experience working to render Azerbaijani seamlessly into English for a wide range of materials.


Materials we translate from Azerbaijani to English


  • Business documents. To help you expand into broader markets, our translators work with business plans and reports, product descriptions, and user testimonials.

  • Academic texts. Our team understands the nuances of academic writing. We can translate specialized academic texts such as journal articles, dissertations, and essays. We’ve already worked with several academics from Khazar University.

  • Legal materials. We have partnered with a legal translation agency specializing in legal language and documentation to offer high-quality translation of Azerbaijani legal texts. Our partners translate contracts, affidavits, deeds of trust, and other legal documents from Azerbaijani into English.


We help clients based in Baku, Ganja, Tabriz, and anywhere else in the world. At, our team of translators will exceed the requirements of your Azerbaijani to English translation project.


Message us at any time to find out more or to get a free quote.

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