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English to Georgian Translation Services


Today, Georgian has more than 3.5 million speakers worldwide. Although it’s a language of the Caucasus region, it’s related neither to Armenian nor to Azeri. There’s also a sizable population of Georgian speakers outside Georgia, with many living in Turkey, Russia, Greece, and the United States. And, with Georgia on the rise economically, now is the ideal time to invest in high-quality English to Georgian translation services.


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Georgian is the largest member of the Kartvelian language family and is related to languages such as Mingrelian and Svan. Like other Kartvelian languages, Georgian has notoriously complicated grammar. In particular, the language is well known for having extremely long consonant clusters and unpredictable morphology. Hence, high-quality understanding of the Georgian language outside the Georgian population is quite rare.


What translates into Georgian


  • Business documents. Our team understands the specific language and parlance needed to translate business documents, including financial plans and reports, into Georgian and to make sure that these translations are accurate to the original.


  • Technical documents. We ensure the smooth translation of technical documents such as technical guides, user manuals, and training manuals.

  • Legal documents. With the help of our legal translation partner agency, we are ready to take on the process of translating a wide variety of legal documents, including contracts, patents, and privacy policies.


Whether you’re in Tbilisi, Moscow, Athens, Artvin, or Batumi, we are available to help you with our English to Georgian translation services. The team at has the necessary qualifications and experience to take on the challenge of providing careful Georgian translation for documents of any type.


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